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For 20 years, Brandwise has consistently brought a fresh perspective and revolutionary advancements to the art and science of selling. Our company is comprised of computer geeks, data heads, sales gurus, customer support specialists and more. We have a passion for technology, and are THE go-to for B2B technology in the various wholesale industries we serve.  We provide top of the line products and support to our customers, and have been recognized with multiple awards for innovation, excellence and industry support

Modernize the Art & Science of Selling.

-The Brandwise Vision

Help us change the way selling is done.

Why Pursue a Career with Brandwise?

In the wholesale industry, Brandwise is the GO-TO technology provider and we’ve got the awards to prove it! Be a part of something great!.
We offer a comfortable, yet professional work environment and take good care of our team. We celebrate a great work week with Friday breakfast, an afternoon beer and the occasional game of ping pong!
On top of that we offer a competitive compensation and benefits package including a an annual company 401k matching contribution.

Built In Colorado
Brandwise was recently named as one of the Top 100 Digital Companies in Colorado!
Why Pursue a Career with Brandwise?

Brandwise Core Values


Why worry about how things should be done when you can think of how things could be done?  That’s the mindset that lets the people of Brandwise radically improve the lives and businesses of sales professionals, sales agencies and suppliers.  We are out to improve the way our customers sell by creating new technologies, and more importantly, new ideas.


We think selling is cool, and we think advancing the way people sell is pretty cool, too. At Brandwise, we help sales people do their jobs better by updating their arsenal with modern equipment. We’re proud of the technologies we create and our goal is to make that enthusiasm contagious.


No, we’re not talking about being able to do back-flips or run up walls – although that would be awesome. We’re talking about business agility. The ability to spot new opportunities and trends then quickly change direction to capitalize on them. New business models are going to disrupt our customers’ industries. New product categories will appear in the blink of an eye. As a technology company, we help create those disruptions. We must also stay vigilant so that we can prepare ourselves and our customers for tomorrow’s marketplace even as we help to redefine it.


Brandwise employees are smart, motivated and creative individuals – and we don’t mind saying so. All those great people work best when they work together – and the products we sell work best when we provide great ongoing support. We are a team and our customers are part of that team. Booyah!
Career Opportunities

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Brandwise hires talented professionals for various departments. Please check back for future openings.