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Play offers an industry-leading order capture experience with engaging digital product presentations and powerful sales analytics...all on your iPad. Selling in the showroom or on the road has never been easier than with Play!

Play + Fundbox Pay

Ship more with integrated net terms

Brandwise has partnered with Fundbox to offer integrated net-60 terms on the Brandwise platform. With Fundbox, Suppliers get paid right away and approved Retailers get net-60 terms that don’t begin until their order has shipped!

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Automate your busy work

Suppliers no longer need to manually key in orders with Stream. Reduce errors and processing time. Stream securely delivers orders directly to your ERP or accounting system. Order processing has never been so efficient than with Stream! 

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Vision for iPad on an iPad Pro

Vision for iPad

Vision for iPad gives you powerful sales analytics and reporting on the go! Access customer specific reports, including: trailing 12-month sales, invoice, Reach and supplier history, as well as visibility to orders with future ship dates.

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