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GDA Press Conference with Brandwise

Big news for the gift and home industry! Brandwise will be launching a new digital ordering platform in early 2021. Todd Litzman, CEO and co-founder of Brandwise, and Ari Lowenstein, chief strategy officer for Brandwise, give further details on the company’s soon-to-launch digital marketplace during this press conference, hosted by Lenise Willis, editor in chief of Gifts & Decorative Accessories.


Brandwise is the software company that has been behind the scenes for decades as many rep groups and brands ordering systems. They are now pulling back the curtain and coming face to face with retailers to provide the best ordering process possible. The best part is that it still keeps your favorite reps as part of the ordering process! This means you get the consultation with your knowledgeable reps wherever you are whenever you need it.

Want to place an order in your PJs at 1am? GO AHEAD! You're rep will review your order the next morning and make sure your not missing any top sellers or let you know if the quality of a specific item isn't up to par. Retailers can shop small and shop local anytime, anywhere through our website with Brandwise.

During this podcast, Todd Litzman, CEO and President of Brandwise, is joined by Warren Shoulberg, business journalist and all-around retail junkie. Listen in as they discuss changes in the industry, how Brandwise is the ONLY platform that builds on the strengths of our industry’s past and the potential of our collective future, all while keeping the Sales Rep front and center!

“Whether it is a Reach site for an Agency or a Supplier or the Brandwise Global Marketplace, Brandwise will ensure that all orders taken on our Global Marketplace flow to the territory rep. This way, everyone gets the best of both worlds. Retailers get to buy how they want and the rep stays involved”.