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  • Brandwise Bulletin – Volume 4

    Volume 4 of the Brandwise Bulletin is here and jam-packed with critical updates to Stream, Play, and Reach 2.0. We also have some big data surrounding the Brandwise Universe over the past few years! Grab a drink and dive in to learn more.

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  • Brandwise Bulletin – Volume 3

    Volume 3 of the Brandwise Bulletin is officially here! During this edition we'll have a focus on closing 2020 and introducing you to all the new ways we opened the first quarter of 2021.

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  • Brandwise Bulletin – Volume 2

    With so much happening right now as we finish out 2020, we have an incredible amount of news to share with you. In this month's edition, you'll find updates from September and October as well as some exciting announcements to look forward to. Enjoy!

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  • Brandwise Bulletin – Volume 1

    We are proud to introduce you to the Brandwise Bulletin! This newsletter will keep you up to date with useful information and provide a convenient way to access it. In this quick read, you'll find Brandwise updates from the previous month and insights into new content.

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  • Are There Any New Customers Out There?

    How to find them and work with them today. Learn from this talented group of Suppliers and Agencies in a roundtable session to explore how to prospect, engage, and close new accounts.

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  • Drive B2B Web Traffic

    Evolve to the New Reality: How to Drive B2B Website Traffic and Engage Current Customers. Crystal Vilkaitis, Retail Expert and Social Media Pioneer has the answers on how to level-up your social media game to stay relevant and top of mind.

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  • Vision for iPad and Vision 360

    With resources limited, working efficiently with the latest data is more important than ever! Vision for iPad and Vision 360 offer salespeople the value of data at their fingertips.

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  • New Digital Marketplace on the Horizon

    Watch the GDA’s editor in chief of Gifts & Decorative Accessories interview Todd Litzman, CEO and co-founder of Brandwise, and Ari Lowenstein, chief strategy officer for Brandwise.

  • On Trend and! Sales Interview

    Todd Litzman, CEO and co-founder of Brandwise, talks about pulling back the curtain and coming face to face with retailers to provide the best ordering process possible.