Marketplace Quick Start Guide for Suppliers

Three Easy Steps!

(Updated April 26th 2021)

Step 1:  Set up your Account on Brandwise

Part A:  Your Brandwise Passport is your personal account within the Brandwise Ecosystem.  To get started, Create a Passport or Log in with your existing Passport. A tutorial for creating your own Brandwise Passport can be found here

Part B:  Your next step is to connect the Passport to your Business account. Your Business account contains your business terms, your product data and gives you access to your orders.  To do this, you will need your Brandwise Supplier Login Information that you should   have received in an e-mail.  If you did not receive it, please email and request your “Supplier Login Information to connect my Passport to my Business.” Once you have this login information, click here to see a tutorial.

Step 2:  Load your Product

Part A:  Transit handles all your non-image product data.

Click on Transit from the top navigation menu of your Business account dashboard.  You will see a template and detailed instructions for configuring and uploading your data.  To see a tutorial, click here.

Part B:  Content handles all your product image data.

Click on Content from the top navigation menu of your Business account dashboard.  This will open a new tab in your browser*.  To see a tutorial, click here

*Please be sure your popup blocker is set to allow popups from Brandwise.  

Step 3:  Provide Additional Information

Part A:  Define the payment terms and shipping methods your business accepts.

Click on Admin from the top navigation menu of your Business account dashboard.  To see a tutorial, click here.

Part B:  Define your business terms, click here.

Part C:  To accept credit cards on this platform, click here.

Part D:  To upload your Lifestyle Image, click here.

Part E:  Provide retailers with more information about your company by completing your Brand Profile. To see a tutorial, click here. 




If you work with a Brandwise-enabled Rep Group, there may be additional programs and features that you’ll be working with.  In order to take full advantage of these, please follow these additional steps:

Part A:   Within Play, your Sales Reps have access to digital catalogs and can use them to browse and add products to orders. The order writing process is further enhanced if the catalogs are hotspotted because products are added by simply tapping on the associated hotspots on a catalog page.  (This functionality is coming soon to the online Marketplace)

To configure your catalogs, use Content to:

Upload your Catalogs

Hotspot your Catalogs


Part B: You have multiple options to receive sales orders from your Rep Groups electronically using a Brandwise Stream subscription.  Stream delivers all your Brandwise orders to an online dashboard.   There are multiple options available to fit your needs.  To learn more, click here


Part C: Provide additional information to your Rep Groups

To fully setup Play to take orders on your behalf, your Rep Group may also request additional information including your minimum opening order, minimum reorder, the credit cards you accept (ex. Visa, Discover), promotions, programs, your contact information for Sales Reps and more outside of the data provided above.