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Sales Order Management

Helping Sales Reps present products, capture orders and manage it all more efficiently

Our Sales Order Management Software includes three seamlessly integrated products to be used across many business roles to increase business process efficiencies, give sales reps easy-to-use sales tools, and give management insight into the performance of sales reps, products and more!

Selling Made Easy with Play
for iPad and PC

  • Easy-to-use order entry software and visual presentations (on the road or in the showroom)
  • See more customers in the same amount of time to generate more revenue
  • Use almost any device, online or offline
  • Sales reps have all of the customer information they need at their fingertips
  • Significantly reduce administrative work

Save Time and Gain Insight with Vision

  • CRM capabilities helps reps to offer better customer service
  • Use real-time data to recommend strategic product orders to retailers
  • Plan sales routes to optimize reps’ time on the road

Hassle-free Commissions

  • Track commissions as orders are captured
  • Pay out commissions without a hassle

Streamline the order management process

With Play, Reward and Vision

Our order management system includes Play, Reward and Vision to maximize order capture efficiencies. Sales reps can choose almost any device to present products, capture orders and keep track of their performance, making planning ahead easier. While sales reps are selling, back office personnel have a hassle free tool to pay out and track commissions. In the meantime, sales management is able to leverage an indispensable window into actionable data on territory and product performance.


Engaging digital displays for enhanced presentations and order capture.

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Essential information to grow and manage your business.

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Track, manage and automate commission for hassle-free back office operations.

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Present products, capture orders, pay commissions and get insights on performance with this bundle of Brandwise products.