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Order Automation

Giving Manufacturers what they need to receive and process electronic orders automatically

Order management is a breeze when sales orders are streamed from Brandwise-powered sales reps and agencies directly into your back office, organizing all of your orders from your sales reps into one user-friendly order dashboard.

Instant Orders Without Costly Errors

  • Eliminate manual order entry for precise orders
  • Eliminate mistakes to keep sales reps happy
  • Import order batches quickly to avoid entry pile-up
  • Map orders to ensure customers and reps get their correct orders
  • Automatically receive, process and view order history
  • Never lose another order or payment info again

Free Up Admin Time

  • Automate orders so your back office staff can focus on more revenue generating activities
  • Reduce time your sales team uses to submit orders by using electronic order transmission so they can get back to what they do best… selling .

Your Customer’s Data is Safe

  • Work with Brandwise to be sure that customer credit card info is kept safe and secure
  • No more calling retailers to take credit card numbers over the phone
  • No more risking data theft through unsafe channels like fax and email

Processing Sales Orders has never been faster, easier or more secure

Our Order Automation solution bridges the gap between sales agencies and manufacturers in the supply chain when it comes to sending, receiving and processing sales orders securely. This web-based solution gathers up orders submitted from Brandwise-powered sales reps and organizes them in a central dashboard for easy access and management.
As orders are sent, credit card numbers are disguised through tokenization keeping them safe from thieves. Tokens cannot be untokenized until the order appears in the supplier’s Stream system. If you are not receiving orders electronically, your reps are not PCI compliant.
With Stream Standard and Stream Pro, you won’t have to re-key orders back into your ERP system. EDI Order Delivery takes care of that very quickly.
Almost any ERP system can be integrated with Stream.

How to Keep Retailer Credit Card Information Safe

Credit Card Security

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