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Multi-Line iPad App

One App. One Order. All your lines.

Most Sales Reps sell more than one line. Our multi-line iPad application eliminates the need for Sales Reps to spend time inefficiently using a separate application for each line represented, or creating a new order for each manufacturer. With our Multi-Line iPad app, Sales Reps can present products and capture an order, including products across all represented manufacturer lines, in a single transaction.

Present Products & Capture Orders Across Lines

  • Our Search for products across lines and categories with our multiline iPad app to present them to retailers seamlessly.
  • Reps don’t need to carry around a calculator to add up totals from multiple apps or multiple orders.
  • Our iPad order entry software is versatile enough to perform the more advanced order capture functions such as: scan barcode labels in the showroom, manage customer types with pricing tiers or buying groups, and present product with custom sell sheets or email visual tearsheets.
  • During order submission, smart split sales order management knows where to split orders and submit them to the correct manufacturers automatically.

Reduce Costly Mistakes

  • Product option prompts make it harder to make a mistake and easier to keep the conversation going with the customer
  • Submit orders electronically to manufacturers without the back-and-forth communications to mitigate mistakes.
  • The tendency for products to change happens more often than sales reps would like, which makes it almost impossible to keep track of the constant adjustments. Play makes it easy by taking the user through each available variable to make appropriate selections.

Reps Look More Professional

  • iPad sales software gives reps a professional look while they present products and capturing orders with the latest sleek iPad technology.
  • Customize the buying experience by offering special pricing and discounts when making a unique sale (permission settings permitted).
  • Changes to products have a tendency to happen more often than sales reps would like and it is almost impossible to keep track of the constant changes. With Play, reps don’t have to worry about that. Supplier product files can be updated systemically, as often as necessary.

The Wholesale Sales App that supports the way you want to sell

The iPad version of Brandwise Play is an interactive order management and product presentation platform for wholesale sales reps.
Users can use Play to:
  • key in product numbers to add them to an order
  • scan products in the showroom
  • browse through digital catalogs and product images
  • search across product lines using keywords and/or product categories

Users can even email product images to retailers as a powerful marketing tool that suggests products for their next order.

You don’t have to be tied down to just an iPad app. Brandwise Play is available on almost all other Windows devices as well.

Managing Sales Collateral for Play
(for iPad or PC)

Sales agencies and suppliers can upload and manage their own catalogs through our FREE content management tool. For those a little short on time and resources, Brandwise will manage your content for you.
Managing Sales Collateral for Play (iPad and/or PC)

Cyber Security

When it comes time to accept payment for an order, users who accept credit cards can rest a little easier. Play tokenizes credit card numbers for more secure electronic order submissions. As long as you have an internet connection, you can add new cards to your system. If you are doing future business with the same retailer, that credit card token will be ready to retrieve with or without access to the internet.

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