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B2B eCommerce

The online experience retailers expect, with Sales Rep collaboration

The Brandwise B2B eCommerce Solution includes 3 seamlessly integrated products to help you compete for business online and increase overall sales by introducing an additional sales channel. In addition, our B2B eCommerce software solves deficits in inefficiency and it gives reps tools that are easy-to-use when collaborating with retailers online.


All of Your Products, Online

  • Online ordering software lets you collaborate with retailers about sales orders remotely or in person
  • 24/7 retailer self-service virtual showroom
  • Reduce travel costs without sacrificing the sales experience

Save Time and Use Actionable Data

  • Stay on top of Sales Reps, territory, and product trends with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Reps no longer need to use prime selling time to report on their performance

Modern Experience Retailers Expect

  • High quality digital catalogs and product images give the retailer the experience they expect
  • Protect retailer credit card information by sending orders to suppliers electronically with tokenization

Thinking one Brandwise Product might be the answer?

You know your business better than anyone else. Check out Brandwise products individually.



Sell products online as effectively as you sell in person.




Essential information to grow and manage your business.




Track, manage and automate commission for hassle-free back office operations.


The complete B2B eCommerce solution

Reach, Reward and Vision

Integrated together in the B2B eCommerce solution Reach, Reward and Vision come together as the complete solution to getting your products online offering a streamlined process, tools for reps and sales managers, and metrics to measure it all.  Gain a new sales channel and keep reps in the loop with commissions.  You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  That’s why this solution helps you understand how your online products are performing with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

How it works…

How it work

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