Brandwise makes integration easy!

When it comes to integration with your ERP, Brandwise is flexible. Whether importing sales order data using our Stream products, or extracting data for Play or Vision we have you covered.
As long as your ERP has the capability to allow the extraction of entity (definition and transaction) data as well as allow for the import of sales order information, you are well on your way!
Many times companies assume that if a report can be exported from their ERP system, they can play well with other systems. Typically this is not the case. The ability to export full data out of your ERP is very desirable. We generally look for “out of the box” data export capabilities first, and if these are not available in your ERP, we look at other mechanisms to extract raw data. If an “out of the box” solution is not available, a capable IT – data integration expert can normally get the job done.
Brandwise Stream supports many formats for sales order integration, including EDI, flat files or XML documents that can be configured to match most standard ERP order import capabilities. As long as these capabilities are available we should be good to go!
If we find that your ERP system does provide this basic functionality, we offer a variety of customized data integration services. Our capabilities include creating the appropriate extractions, setting up processes to deliver the data to Brandwise (thereby reducing the overall cost of implementation) while assuring that you have the Brandwise team monitoring and administering your integration.
If you have questions about our products, or are interested in learning more about the data integration services please contact us at the number below or please fill out the Customer Care form below.


Examples of ERP’s we work with:

Saga QuickBooksLogo SAP

Microsoft Dynamics Oracle