Brandwise Insight

Sales Enablement Tools for the Wholesale Industry

Looking to get more analytics and reporting?

Insight is now available as part of your Stream or Stream Lite subscription.  

Gain critical insight into the performance of your products, reps, customers and more! Having access to such actionable data allows you to evaluate your business, products and partners. And the fact that you can utilize these reports online, 24/7 means real time data for real time decisions.

Look forward to these benefits when you add the power of Insight to your Stream service:

  • Online reports based on orders generated from your corporate sales team as well as any external sales rep / agency using Brandwise to send you orders 
  • Visual graph reporting as well as detailed breakdowns 
  • Reporting broken out into sales order, agency performance, customer performance, sales rep performance, and products by state and zip
  • Exportable to Excel for further analysis