Inside the Mind of a Successful Sales Rep: Patience

Posted by Gabriela Duran on April 3, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Brandwise user, Carla Ingram, of Codarus provides us with her key to success: patience. She puts it all on the table in this Friday's segment of Inside the Mind of a Successful Sales Rep. Learn how Carla's patient and calming attitude finds her success in sales while adding no pressure on her clients to buy. 

SalespeopleBrandwise has poured over metrics for over 6,000 reps (users of Brandwise technology) to unearth the top sales reps of 2014!  

The main criteria for this accolade includes average order volume as well as average order size, innovation in their use of sales technology and other sales metrics.

With sales expertise, hard work and dedication, the proof is in the pudding. Outstanding sales and other key performance indicators are often the result. That's how we know that these reps are the créme de la créme! Brandwise has interviewed the most outstanding sales reps, asking questions focused on experiences as a rep, career achievements and advice for future sales professionals.

Every other week we’re going to ask one of the Brandwise Top Sales Reps to answer a dozen questions about their experiences and what it takes to get to the top.  Some of their answers will be featured on the Brandwise Technology Blog.  

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In this edition, we hear from Carla Ingram, of Codarus, who reps across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Carla has been a rep for 14 years.

Here is a snippet of our interview with one of Brandwise’s Top Reps, Carla Ingram:


Carla Ingram had her own interior design business for 18 years, but was ready for a change. Even though she wanted something different, she also knew that she wanted to stay in the same industry because of her passion for home décor. Ingram believes "that homes should be a haven and place that reflects our personality." From there, she decided to contact the sales reps that she had been using for her own business to see if there were any companies needing a sales rep in her territory. Lucky for her, there was an open position, and she started almost immediately. "Having been on both sides of the business of buying and selling has been a huge asset to me," says Ingram. 

Ingram's selling environment includes working on the road across her territory of Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. She also attends four major markets, and two mini markets each year. 


BRANDWISE: What is the best way to make an angry customer happy? 

CARLA: Listening to the needs and concerns of my customer and what they are feeling is crucial. It is important to let them express themselves. I thank them for their concern and let them know that I'm glad that they brought it to my attention. It's also important to stay calm and courteous.


B: What advice would you give to a rookie sales representative?   

C: Be patient. Especially with first time customers, it is important to put as much information in their hands as possible. Let them know that there is no pressure to write an order that day as you want them to learn what you have to offer so when they have a need for their store or a design job, they will know that you are a good resource. Nine times out of ten, if you take the pressure off as far as selling, they will end up writing an order anyway.


B: What does your agency or company do to aide your success?

C: Codarus provides its representatives with a tremendous amount of support that takes a lot of pressure off of our day to day tasks. Codarus brings us the best manufacturers in the industry, [and] our back office staff coordinates everything with Brandwise so that when we go to input an order, things are smooth sailing. 


B: If you could only run one report, what would it be?

C: My favorite report to run is a Year Over Year Booked Analysis Report for each customer. I like to run this quarterly, but can do monthly if I need to. This helps me evaluate my customers buying trends. If they are down with a line, I can check with them to see if they have the sales tools and information that they need. It is a great tool that helps me know what to approach my customer with.


B: What do you do to relax and turn your selling brain off?

C: Spending time with my family and friends is a great way for me to unwind. It truly is hard to seperate yourself from this job because someone always needs something. Therefore, it's important that I am intentional in making time to do other things. I LOVE the beach, and get there whenever possible. 


B: Fill in the blank: If I knew then what I know now... 

C: I wouldn't have worried so much. Also, life is about balance. I bring my best to the table when I nurture not only the business relationships in my life, but also the personal ones; family time, friendships, and quiet times are all keys to a happy and fulfilled life. 


Congratulations to Carla Ingram for her exceptional sales career! She is successful simply because she recognizes that patience is a necessary tactic in sales. She knows adding pressure on clients will not lead to positive returns. According to sales expert Jim Keenan, A Sales Guy, testifies that, "being patient doesn't mean you can't go faster. It just means you have to allow the sale to come to you." Top reps know making a sale has to be done in the right way, at the right time. 

Behind every Top Sales Rep is a technology that supports their success.  In Carla's case, tools like analytics on territory, customers, and products help her achieve her objectives. 

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