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    Streamline Your Business with the Brandwise iPad Presentation and Order Entry Software

    Posted by Brandwise on April 5, 2017 at 9:58 AM

    So, you’ve got great products and great representation, why are you still handwriting sales orders? It may cost more than you realize to handwrite orders. The Brandwise iPad presentation and order entry software can help reduce and even eliminate some of those expenses, which include: Streamline Your Business

    • The excessive time required to handwrite, decipher (and submit) orders. Time is money.
    • Costly errors caused by manual data entry.
    • Opportunity costs associated with handwritten orders, as they don’t present complimentary products or best sellers.
    • Filling out paper order forms reflects negatively on your company’s efficiencies, which prevents customer confidence. 

    If you’ve shopped around for order entry software, you might be thinking it will be more economical to go with one of those plug and go apps from the App Store. In the short run, this may be true, but if you plan to be around for the long term the right tools may be the only way to survive long enough to see the long term. To help you get there, Brandwise is the only iPad sales automation software provider that can scale with your business. As you grow, you can add to your sales studio to fill in the gaps you’ll start to experience in reporting, analytics, online sales, and commissions. You can start with the iPad app and streamline the order capture and submission process, saving loads of time for the sales rep and the supplier, especially in high SKU volume environments. With the timesavings on the rep’s end, they’ll have enough time to fit in more sales calls, thereby increasing revenues.

    And there you have it. With the Brandwise iPad presentation and order entry software, you’ll increase revenue and reduce expenses by eliminating mistakes made while handwriting sales orders. When your process is lean and mean, you can survive and thrive!

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