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    5 Questions: What Is The Future Of Your Wholesale Catalog Business?

    Posted by Brandwise on January 31, 2017 at 1:01 PM

    How many times has a sales rep heard this: "Um, mail me some brochures, call me in two weeks and we'll discuss it some more." Yeah, right. Isn't that a polite way of saying, "Don't call us we'll call you?" Hmmm. By the time two weeks have passed, your rep can't even find this person and will probably have an intimate relationship with their voice mail. This is a waste of time and money because brochures can be expensive to design, produce and mail. Unfortunately, these scenarios are not going to change. This is because we now have a new generation of buyers who just want more convenience and flexibility in the sales process. Here are 5 questions you might have about moving your wholesale catalog business into the future and reasons why you need to do so immediately.

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    Optimize Sales Order Management With Stream

    Posted by Brandwise on January 24, 2017 at 7:56 AM

    Ready. Set. Go. Trade show season is in full swing and your sales agencies are off to the races. Heading into a new season, retailers are ready to place their orders and restock their shelves, and your sales reps are ready to sell with confidence, powered by their Brandwise sales order management tools like Play and Reach.

    You’re excited for a profitable season and ready to start receiving orders…or are you?

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    Your 2017 Agenda: Streamlining Processes to Maximize Agency Sales

    Posted by Brandwise on January 17, 2017 at 11:36 AM

    Your goal is to become one of the most successful sales agencies in the wholesale industry today and you know this is possible because the lines you represent are some of the best. You offer your customers the freshest, strongest new products around and this year, you're going to increase agency sales, cut costs and penetrate new markets. You just have to find a way to streamline processes and get the most out of your reps. 

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    Sales Rep Order Entry Software Connects You To Many Opportunities!

    Posted by Brandwise on January 10, 2017 at 9:40 AM

    Yikes! My customer had the wrong order delivered today; another had billing mistakes; and I didn't know there was a delay on one of my shipments. Wow. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, this is a look into how some reps actually spend their day. Putting out fires. They don't want to deal with these headaches, but they don't want their customers to have to deal with any of these mishaps either! For those of you who can't even get a cup of coffee in the morning before this nightmare begins, sales rep order entry software is the key to saving your sanity. It just helps make order management easier. This is because it eliminates mistakes, ensures you are sending the right orders, and lets you breathe a sigh of relief because customer purchases are now delivered at the right time. These are definite wins but, here's how sales rep order entry software connects you to a wide range of other opportunities.

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    Why This Showroom Software Makes All The Difference for Sales Reps

    Posted by Brandwise on January 4, 2017 at 3:01 PM

    How do your sales reps work - from a showroom, at trade shows or on the road? In showrooms and at trade shows, sales reps may have a more captive audience, but they still need a way to motivate these retailers so they will commit to purchases right on the spot. This means providing the best tools to capture these orders with speed and accuracy. This will ensure that the right quantity of the right product gets to the customers’ stores at the right time. On the other hand, showroom software works equally well for reps who are on the road everyday and see buyers by appointment. It's because these customers now want a more modern and convenient way to do business. With the right tools, any rep, regardless of the way they sell will provide customers with a valuable buying experience. Here's why this specific showroom software can make all the difference for your sales reps today.

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    Using This Sales Checklist Template Is A Guaranteed Success for Busy Reps

    Posted by Brandwise on December 21, 2016 at 7:09 AM

    Hi, I'm Bob. I work as an agency rep for several suppliers and started about 6 months ago. I've noticed recently that it's harder to successfully create a daily plan for my appointments. It just seems as if everything is so unorganized. I do my research before my appointments; like calling to confirm the day before, packing my business cards, sales catalogs and then loading everything into my briefcase. Trying to keep up with all this paperwork is a nightmare. 

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    Have Santa Make Sure Sales Representative Software Is In Your 2017 Budget

    Posted by Brandwise on December 13, 2016 at 11:09 AM

    When you glanced at our topic, did you do a double take? We thought it would get your attention. Santa can bring you a lot of things this Christmas but, if you want to make sure sales representative software is in your 2017 budget, you'll need to speak with us. Picture this. Christmas Eve, you're all snuggled in your bed with visions of the decisions you've made in 2016 dancing in your head. Will this be a good dream or somehow turn into a nightmare? As a leader, we know you realize that it is your responsibility to make sure your reps have the right tools. You're no Scrooge; you're just a manager who cares about his team and wants to make sure there is enough money available so you can put sales representative software in your budget. Let's start today by building a technology stack that is perfectly tailored to fit your needs. 

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    Why This Software For Sales Reps Will Help You Sell Better In 2017

    Posted by Shelly Vollmer on December 6, 2016 at 11:27 AM

    In an epic 1992 movie called Glengarry Glen Ross, four regional sales reps were fighting to save their jobs because the boss suddenly announced that he would fire everyone except for his top two salespeople. Everyone became desperate and started using underhanded and dubious tactics to make sales. One sales rep even devised a plan to break into the office, stage a burglary and steal all of the prime leads! It made you shake your head while watching some of the choices made in this movie. As a rep, have you secretly wanted to cross over to the dark side and create some co-worker sabotage? We know that sales is a competitive business but, before you start thinking as they did in the movie and start putting those nefarious plans into place, please, let us help you. It all simply comes down to just incorporating more advanced technology into your business practices, so that everyone on your team can become a winner. Here's why this software for sales reps will help you sell better in 2017.

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    These 3 Benefits Of Sales Order Automation Is What You Need For Strategic Success

    Posted by Shelly Vollmer on December 2, 2016 at 9:15 AM

    You've decided that you want to build the ultimate Dream Team of sales reps so your company can consistently wow retailers and increase profits. You know your products are excellent but your reps just need a better way to effectively sell more. You have this great plan, but now you're wondering what direction you should take to get started. Let us help. If you incorporate sales order automation into your business strategies, this will motivate your team; allow them to sell more; and, help you identify what makes someone a top performer. When you give this team the tools they need to succeed, there will be nothing standing in your way. These top 3 benefits of sales order automation will help you see how you can begin to make your vision a reality.

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    5 Good Reasons To Move To Wholesale Ordering Automation Now Part 2

    Posted by Shelly Vollmer on November 22, 2016 at 8:22 AM

    In part 1, we gave reasons why managers need a more automated way of doing business, just like agency reps need more efficient tools to make their jobs easier too! You know the scenario: A prospect reaches out to you with questions about your products and you want to help them but, you have to put them on hold or call them back so you can track down the information they need. In the time it takes for you to gather catalogs, check price lists and calculate some figures, they've already contacted another supplier. Wow! If managers had to walk a mile in your shoes, they really would find a better way to help make these processes easier. Here are 5 good reasons to move to wholesale ordering so your managers will understand how important automation is to their sales team's productivity.

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