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    Modern Supplier Spotlight: JAECI Designs, LLC

    Posted by Brandwise on May 18, 2017 at 9:10 AM

    JAECI Designs, the brain child of designer Jenna Consiglio, manufacturers trendy, inspirational, graphic fashion jewelry, without the outrageous price tag. Brandwise Customer Spotlight

    Consiglio and company struck a partnership with Brandwise in November 2016, when they went live with Play for iPad as a solution to the time, effort and inefficiencies typically associated with handwritten orders. They also adopted Reach for their B2B ecommerce platform, and Stream to receive and process orders on the spot from all of their Brandwise-powered sales reps, which integrates into their ERP/accounting system. 

    In a recent interview, Consiglio said:

    “Reps like using a Bluetooth scanner with Play for iPad to build orders at shows because the orders go straight into the system rather than having to handwrite POs and submit them later. Then, [clients] get an email and we don’t have to keep a bunch of paper lying around, waiting to get misplaced. It has cut down the time needed take an order, when compared to writing out each order by hand.” 

    Not only are JAECI reps able to take control of every selling opportunity without the headache of unnecessary paperwork and errors, but customers’ financial information is more secure with Stream, as credit card numbers are tokenized from the time they are entered into Play and all the way through submission into Stream. 

    As Brandwise and JAECI Designs continue in their partnership, JAECI looks forward to fully utilizing the sales technology tools of the Brandwise Studio to begin to execute marketing campaigns in order to drive new traffic to their B2B ecommerce platform. At present, they are finding that the benefits can go beyond mere convenience with seamless order processing that flows freely between the platforms from anywhere with Internet connectivity. 

    For a sales solution, whether on the floor, in the cloud or in the field, a supportive collaboration is every bit the success. As the Brandwise-JAECI partnership grows, so too will sales process efficiencies, and capturing more business will be sure to follow.

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