How Your Retailers Benefit From a Mobile Tool

Posted by Shelly Vollmer on August 17, 2016 at 7:56 AM

Successful, modern Sales Agencies are streamlined, they ooze efficiency, and are UBER customer-centric. They have multi-line reps that offer customers solutions to numerous problems and present opportunities they hadn’t envisioned on their own. They arm their Sales Reps with the mobile tools they need to make the complete buying experience pleasurable and convenient no matter where they are. And they build a trust and loyalty with their clients by being systems-oriented from ordering to invoicing. retailers benefiting from mobile tools

Your retailers are selling more than just one product, from more than one line. In order to significantly increase your bottom line you need to be their total solution. They don’t want to bounce around from Rep to Rep making multiple purchase orders and keeping track of individual vendors. This means your Reps not only need to be well versed in multiple product lines, but they need to stay on top of changing specs, trending products and have access to up-to-date information from several different catalogs. They have to understand how products from one line complement those from another, without cannibalizing any lines in the process. Mobile tools allow your Sales Rep to have access to numerous catalogs without having to lug around twenty-seven pounds of hopefully-up-to-date printed materials. Ultimately this gives your client the power to review and purchase products from several vendors with a single order. 

Today, sales meetings and presentations can take place nearly anywhere – from the showroom, to the office, to the local coffee klatch…even in a cab on the way to the airport! But that doesn’t mean it should be any less visually appealing or convenient for the retailer. For your agency to be as effective as possible, your Reps need to have the technology that is as on-the-go as real world business. The most capable mobile apps give the flexibility of ordering from anywhere, but still the opportunity to have brilliant presentations whether they’re on-line, or off. After all, most retailers want to see what they are buying (potentially hard to do in a taxi!). Well-designed digital displays created with easy-to-use tools enhance a customer’s experience and increases the likelihood of capturing an order.

And it all comes down to customer retention. Successful agencies foster loyal client relationships, and loyalty is built on continuous, positive interactions from start to finish. Effective apps that enable your Reps to ensure this regardless of where they are – in the office or on the go, online or off – lead to satisfied clients, demonstrating precisely how your retailers benefit from a mobile tool.

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