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    How This Sales Order Tool Was A Game Changer

    Posted by Brandwise on February 28, 2017 at 7:23 AM

    When we started Brandwise in 1997, we quickly understood the pain points of the industry and knew there needed to be a better way. We started designing a Suite of tools so that all businesses could move beyond one-dimensional order taking and have a way to seamlessly integrate, automate and optimize the entire sales channel. Here's how this suite of sales order tools was a game changer and helped revolutionize the way companies now do business.

    Sales Order ToolBrandwise Play

    Our Play sales order tool gives your business access to a supplier’s complete product line while eliminating heavy and costly catalogs. Reps will certainly appreciate this and so will your wallet! Speed is a key factor with successful selling these days, which means that customers want constant, updated information. Here's what you get with Play:

    Interactive Catalogs – Having the digitized version of a supplier’s print catalog is priceless because all the information is easily updated across the entire system. Play allows you to upload and “hot-spot” these digital catalogs so products can be purchased directly from the catalog page. What's Hotspotting you may ask? Hotspotting assigns product numbers/SKUs to the image of a product on the catalog page and when that image is clicked or tapped, the product and quantities are easily added to an order. This is lightning fast speed! You can also search by SKU# or keyword or simply scan barcoded items which makes market orders quick and easy.

    Better Customer Management - Play lets your reps sell effectively with access to detailed product information (prices, quantities, order minimums, quantity on hand, product dimension, and more) plus customer information (order history and best sellers) wherever they are. This is because they now have:

    • Organized customer and product data in a centralized database
    • Access to order history
    • Sales reports to help advise their customers on better purchasing decisions

    This adds value to the sales order process, makes those hand-written sales orders a thing of the past (thank goodness), and allows them to better serve their customers. Guess what? We also have a multi-line iPad app for Play. As a Sales Agency or multi brand supplier, this makes your sales reps look like experts and, it's also visually appealing. When meeting with customers, how cool would it be to whip out an iPad and effortlessly present product photos from a catalog gallery? Just like the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." That's not all! The PC version of Play has a reporting tool so sales reps and managers can keep up with product performance and so much more.

    Brandwise Reach

    Reach is our sales order tool that helps transform your catalogs into an online sales machine! With built-in order-taking capabilities, it improves your rep’s ability to stay in contact with those customers who may be difficult to travel to or, are too busy to meet in person. Today’s retailer has different demands than previous generations. They are more tech savvy, they want added convenience and, they expect you to deliver an engaging customer experience online as well. This tool allows you to get products online without cutting out the expertise of a sales rep. How does this work? Reach leverages Play to allow your sales reps to put together suggested orders for their customers and make them available for review on Reach.  Their customer gets a notification, and on Reach they can see, and more importantly change the suggested order to their liking and submit back to the sales rep for review and ultimately delivery to the supplier.  How cool is that!

    Customers can also use Reach on their own to browse through catalogs or an image gallery of your lines and then submit an order online. This doesn't mean the opportunity ends right there, however. Reps can review these orders to identify if there are any promotions that apply to products or determine whether or not there are any complementary products that should be suggested to the retailer. Your customers are happy because they can get help at any time and you're happy because you are beating the competition by having easy online selling. Reps or marketing personnel can just grab links from within Reach and then apply them to product images in mass emails to reach out to more customers. This is nurturing at its best and another great opportunity to provide value.

    Brandwise Reward

    Our Reward tool makes everyone's life less stressful and is a time-saver for all parties involved. Reward, the only application of its kind on the market, was designed after carefully considering all of the different ways sales commissions and other incentives can be structured. It’s even possible to split commissions up to 3 ways! We know that this can sometimes become a challenge and that your sales reps want to earn an appropriate commission for their work. This tool cuts down on any misunderstandings and helps them get paid in a timely way. Nothing will make a sales rep run for the hills faster than when they don't get paid exactly what was promised. We designed Reward to help make paying commissions easier but, it also:

    • Tracks orders that haven’t been shipped or paid
    • Allows specific commission rates by supplier, sale rep and order taker.
    • Allows the importing of commission statements to reduce data entry costs
    • Assigns commissions to sales reps from orders submitted in Play and Reach

    As you can see, our sales order tools work seamlessly together and will completely change the way you do business. Being a rep is tough enough without having to sort through lots of paperwork, carry heavy catalogs around and juggle a "thousand" activities at one time (smile). Give them and yourself a break today by seamlessly integrating, automating and optimizing the entire sales channel.  Explore the Studio!




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