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    Enhance Your Sales Orders with Electronic Order Presentation

    Posted by Brandwise on February 21, 2017 at 9:51 AM

    Are you tired of printing and mailing out expensive paper catalogs? Or, that your sales team is lacking efficiency and up to date information contained in static paper catalogs? Or, that your sales team looks more like the Olympic weight lifting team because they are carting around so many paper catalogs? Let us help. Here's how you can enhance your sales orders with electronic order presentation and manage your customers, products and sales more effectively. First, let’s take a look at some areas where your current processes could use a boost with electronic order capture.

    Order Presentation

    Too Many Paper Catalogs

    Your customers want to see what they’re purchasing based on the visuals that you can provide, be it samples or catalogs.  Why not impress them with organized, light weight, visually pleasing digital product presentations that enhance their experience? Or, for those customers who know what they want, prepare customized presentations designed with their particular needs and buying history in mind. They’ll be much more engaged when you save them time and present relevant options with electronic order presentation and capture. Plus, they will be more likely to trust your product suggestions in the future. Providing your customers with a customized tear sheet and professional-looking orders will keep your product top of mind and leave a lasting impression of professionalism. 

    Inaccurate Sales Orders

    As a business, you want to improve order accuracy and process efficiency. Handwriting orders and searching for product data through static catalogs or spreadsheets invites mistakes, especially when there is so much paper to leaf through. Electronic order capture keeps all of your product information in one centralized place, providing quick access to information like order minimums, availability, current customer pricing, and sales history. A loaded system keeps sales reps prepared with the most up-to-date product information, providing them methods to quickly find and present products allowing them to build orders with ease.

    Cumbersome Buying Experience  

    You’re potentially losing the attention of your customers while you’re wandering through pages of catalogs and scribbling down notes to later decipher and create an order. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your product information digitally so that you can swiftly move from one product or catalog to another and nimbly transition from presentation to order capture? Imagine the ease of searching for an item by category or attribute, or scanning an item barcode for instantaneous order creation.


    Here's what we have for you. There's a misperception that we only offer tools that are geared towards helping Sales Agency Principals and their Sales Reps succeed. The truth of the matter is that we have been helping suppliers both large and small for nearly 20 years!  In addition to being experts on delivering orders securely and efficiently, we also offer affordable order capture and presentation tools for your trade show and road sales.  Many suppliers who work with Brandwise agencies found it simply makes sense.  Suppliers who also use Brandwise for their order capture, enjoy the benefit of a single source for secure and automated order delivery to their accounting software.  Using Brandwise for your internal and external sales force eliminates the extra IT headaches and additional resources required when working with multiple ordering systems.   Our robust reporting tools equip sales reps with valuable, actionable information to help them elevate their sales.  Brandwise Play takes electronic order presentation and capture to the next level with a visually engaging product display that lets you conveniently place an order from your laptop, tablet or iPad! No more walking into appointments with a suitcase full of paper catalogs and walking out with a stack of paper order forms. Play seamlessly accommodates the most complex order scenarios for suppliers with single or multiple product lines.

    When customers can see timely results and engaging presentations that are customized to their business, your value to them goes up exponentially.  The more information at your fingertips the better your decisions about how to present product and fulfill orders, which will improve profitability and increase customer satisfaction! To find out more about Play and the other Brandwise tools that complete the sales process from start to finish please contact us today!Demo Brandwise Play

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