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Posted by Shelly Vollmer on January 20, 2014 at 2:30 PM

2014 is going to be an exciting year for technology.  There are so many new and exciting technologies making their debut and gaining momentum this year! 

To help you sift through what is hot this year, Brandwise digs deep, finding you the ultimate must-have technology for sales reps on-the-go in 2014.


Brandwise-Approved: HyperJuice PlugHypershop's HyperJuice Plug:  A high capacity battery pack that delivers on-the-go power to 2 USB devices (even 2 iPads) at the same time. 

Why We love it: It’s sexy, powerful and it will keep a busy sales rep from losing productivity.  Use it to charge your apple or android device.  The HyperJuice Plug recharges twice as fast as some other battery packs and can be used twice as often to power your devices.






Brandwise-Approved: FredomPop PhotonThe FreedomPop Photon: a high speed WiFi Hotspot that fits in the palm of your hand and provides 12mbps download speeds.

Why we love it: It’s super-portable and extremely affordable.  When connectivity on the go is a necessity, the FreedomPop Photon is the way to go.  This is an especially useful technology for sales reps who might be working with retailers who don't have a wi-fi connection.





 Brandwise Approved: Urban Junket's AngelaUrban Junket’s Angela Powered Laptop Bag:  A stylish, highly functional 15” laptop bag. 

Why we love it:  Technology for sales reps doesn't always have to be ugly!  Sometimes it can be pretty hard to find a functional laptop bag that is also stylish (for ladies, that is).  This bag is fashionable, eco-friendly (it’s made from recycled plastic), über-functional and it comes in almost every color under the sun.  Most notably, it has a built-in battery pack which will recharge a typical device for up to 10 days of partial charges or two full smart phone charges.  It's also compatible with any USB or Micro USB-powered device.




Brandwise-Approved: Flight001 SpacePakFlight 001’s Spacepak System:  A collection of award-winning travel bags that usues unique technology to compresses contents to maximize space and organize your stuff, making packing a breeze.

Why we love it:  Not your typical technology, but a great technology for sales reps nonetheless.  Nylon compression bags are a must-have for sales reps traveling on the road or to a show.  The Spacepak System allows you to pack loads more than your average suitcase and you can avoid those loath-able bag fees that airlines just love to slap you with by using it as a carry-on.  The Spacepak System also comes with built-in compartments for clean and dirty garments. 


Brandwise-Approved: Lumo LiftLumo Lift: This brand-new technology is a revolutionary posture sensor and activity tracker that is compatible with your smartphone.

Why we love it: When you are on the go, sometimes it’s hard to stick with your normal healthy routine.  Lumo Lift is a helpful little gadget that will work with your phone to remind you to stay healthy on the road.  You can track calories, mileage and be reminded when you have been inactive for too long.  It’s magnetic so it can be worn nearly anywhere on your body.  It also vibrates gently to remind you to correct your posture when slouching. Consider this one technology for sales reps bodies!


We have hand-picked each of these accessories with you in mind, because life on the road is hard.  Life on the road without technology is even harder

Have you used any of our picks?  Give us your review or share your list with us! #Tech4Reps


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