Brandwise Bulletin - August 2020

We are proud to introduce you to the Brandwise Bulletin! This new monthly journal will keep you up to date with useful information and provide a convenient way to access it. In this quick read you'll find Brandwise updates from the previous month and insights into new content.

Highlights from the Month of July

Focus on Data
Total Sales: Brandwise manages over $2B of wholesale orders annually. We have unique insights into what's happening within our industry. For this month's edition, we've pulled data for the first half of this year for total orders, total sales, and unique retailers.  From across the Brandwise Ecosystem, here are some statistics we think you'll find interesting:


We've analyzed this data and dug in a bit deeper. Here are a few takeaways:

  • 2020 opened strong. 6% and 3% up in total dollars in January and February.  While the unique retailers may have decreased slightly, we have been following the trend of slightly larger orders and slightly fewer retailers over the past few years. When we looked in more detail, we found that the first half of February was actually up 7%. With the news of the spread of COVID mid-month, activity started to slow at that point. 
  • With COVID, all metrics of activity dropped. Order Quantity, Order Dollars, and the number of retailers all dropped dramatically in March and reached their low point in April. May showed some relative improvement which brings us to June when real gains began.
  • With the June data we see that, although many stores were still not open, those that were open were ordering aggressively.

Online Sales: Brandwise provides Reach sites, our B2B platform, to over 100 agencies and suppliers. While they vary greatly in size and traffic, all of them are seeing a dramatic rise in activity, sales dollars, and number of users. Here’s some data that we can share with you from the Top 30 Reach sites:


Here are our takeaways:

  • Growth in dollar sales were already evident in January and February before COVID hit.  That growth accelerated dramatically in June and July.
  • Order size is very healthy and growing over the course of the year.
  • Additional Data: Unique users were up 31% in June and 46% in July.

Extended Trials for Insight and Vision for iPad/Vision 360 for iPad through November 30th!

We’ve chosen to extend the trials of our reporting tools now that more Sales Reps are getting back out on the road! 

Insight is the perfect reporting solution for Suppliers to get an idea of which products are selling the best, the performance of your Agencies and Sales Reps, and more!  Access it directly from your Stream dashboard through the Insight Reports button and we’ll send you the information you need to get started!

Vision for iPad and Vision 360 for iPad have been turned on for all Sales Reps using Play for iPad, and we’ve extended this trial through November 30th! If you need more information on how to get the most out of these incredible reporting tools, watch this webinar Rachelle hosted a few months back.

If you're still seeing this message on Play for iPad, it's time to buy a new iPad!


As you may recall, we extended support for iOS 12 iPads for an additional 6 months through September instead of April 2020. However, the time is officially closing in and now is the time to make sure you’ve upgraded your iPad!  On September 14th all iOS 12 iPads will no longer be supported. Please be sure to review the hardware requirements before purchasing a new iPad to make sure that it meets the recommended requirements to take advantage of all the new features on Play for iPad!

Our first Association Marketplace!

Brandwise has partnered with the Museum Store Association (MSA) to create a first-of-its-kind B2B Marketplace exclusive to MSA buyers and member vendors.

This step is yet another important milestone for both the Brandwise Ecosystem and the brick and mortar retail industry. This partnership paves the way for other associations and groups to strengthen their position in the retail/wholesale landscape by creating and governing their own independent online marketplaces built on the strength of the Brandwise Ecosystem.  We are honored to have brought this prestigious group on board and look forward to a long and productive relationship!


Brandwise Passport Growth

Brandwise migrated Brandwise Passport connections for 50,000 Retailers in June, and since an additional 4,500 more Retailers have created their Brandwise Passports! Brandwise Passport allows each Retailer to manage and control their information from one central location.  Through this single login they can shop across all Brandwise-powered eCommerce Reach sites.

Updates and Notices

Brandwise Insiders

Our group on Facebook is growing, and we are loving all your engagement! In the past 5 months we’ve had 363 new members and 174 posts on the Brandwise Insiders Facebook group. If you haven’t already joined us, we encourage all Agencies, Sales Reps, and Suppliers to join us by searching for Brandwise Insiders on Facebook!  Please text INSIDERS to 33777 to opt in to text and email notifications.  We share information regarding news like this, webinars, product releases, and more! Be sure to sign up today if you haven’t already!

We're Here for You!


The Brandwise Support team is ready and available to support you from afar! Although we will not be attending the shows in-person this summer, we will be making ourselves available during all Market Show Hours.

If you're in need of additional training, experiencing issues, or seeing any error messages within one of our products, we want to make sure your concerns are getting addressed in a timely manner! Here are the top ways to reach Brandwise Support:

  1. Call Brandwise Support at 303.788.9970 x1 for immediate assistance.
  2. For questions that do not require an immediate response, email Brandwise Support at We will document your query and assign the best Support Tech to work with you.
  3. Create a ticket on, the Brandwise Support Center (BSC). You can also check the status of your tickets here as well.
  4. Sign up to receive important text updates by texting BWSUPPORT to 33777.
  5. BONUS: The BSC is fully stocked with lots of articles and videos that cover common questions! You can also search our Brandwise Insiders Facebook group using the "Search this group" feature to see if your question has been asked before OR search within the Brandwise Support Center (BSC).

New Brandwise Employee Highlight


Please join us in welcoming Tonya to the Brandwise Support Team! She officially joined our team on Monday, July 20th through a referral from one of our existing Support Technicians you know and love – Sarah! We’re excited to grow this team as our product offerings continue growing as well!

For existing Fundbox Users

Fundbox that has made the difficult decision to shut down their net terms product. We received word of this decision from Fundbox on Monday, August 10th, and we are prepared to follow the same course of action to continue supporting use of this product through Brandwise Play and Reach until September 4th, 2020. Fundbox has stopped approving new customers as Fundbox buyers as of August 11th, 2020.

If you have any questions or want help planning the transition, please contact Fundbox at or (855) 929-0805.

Note from the Editor


We are very excited and pleased to bring you Volume 1 of the Brandwise Bulletin! Our hope is that through this monthly journal you'll receive concise monthly updates to keep you well informed of all the changes occurring and a road map for what's to come. We are so grateful for all of you reading this letter, and we hope you continue enjoying the future editions!  -Kalleigh Eisley-Tracy

About Brandwise

At Brandwise, our mission is to empower and simplify the order process by providing sales creation and enablement technology to manage and grow our clients’ businesses.  Founded in 1997, Brandwise integrates striking product presentation, intuitive order management, and industry-leading analytics provided on the ONLY platform that builds on the strength of our industry's past and the potential of our collective future.


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