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    6 Ways Order Automation Software Will Help You Grow

    Posted by Brandwise on May 3, 2017 at 9:51 AM

    In the current economic climate, manufacturers have got to get creative in order to grow. You’ve probably considered streamlining some of your business processes to save money and focus more energy on revenue generation, but have you looked at the option of automating your sales orders? Order Automation can increase profits and make it easier for your business to grow. Here’s what it does: 6 Ways To Grow with Automation Software

    1. Time is precious. Sales reps are key to driving dollars to your business and for that reason, their time is precious. Order automation tools provide efficiencies that allow orders to be processed faster and with less effort. That means saying goodbye to hand-written sales orders as well as fax or email submission. 
    1. Reduce costly mistakes. You shouldn’t have to decipher a sales order containing handwriting that might as well pass for hieroglyphics! Get ready to save time and confusion, and to reduce costly errors with efficiencies you will gain in the order process.

    2. Credit card security. Caring about your customers and their success will put you at the forefront of your industry. Ensure that you're handling their credit card information securely; their trust is in your hands. A small oversight can cost your business, so why take the chance? Order automation that includes compliant Tokenization methods will help to keep credit card information secure from the time an order is taken all the way through to when the supplier processes payment.
    1. A central location for orders. Orders have a tendency to get spread across multiple transmission channels like email and fax. By processing orders from a central web-based location, you can view order history and information, even on your phone and tablet.
    1. It’s better to work together. Growth is sure to come when agencies and suppliers make it easy on each other – to submit and process orders. Suppliers that accept automated orders will get pulled out of the bag faster than those who make order submission harder. With this partnership, suppliers will not only get more orders, but it is possible for those orders to flow directly into ERPs/accounting systems allowing for faster product turns.
    1. With data at your fingertips, real-time analytics empower managers and sales reps to measure their business and make better decisions.

    You’ll find that the order automation capabilities of Brandwise Stream and the analytics of Brandwise Vision will support you in these possibilities for growth.

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