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    5 Things To Do With A Prospect From A Show

    Posted by Brandwise on March 24, 2017 at 8:32 AM

    The grind of spring show season is officially upon us. It's high-energy from the get-go; retailers are eager to restock their shelves, and sales reps race to get as much value from the shows as possible. This means What To Do With A Prospect From A Showcollecting qualified leads and making new connections with the best tools needed to capture contact information and orders with speed and accuracy. But once the show is over, a solid follow-up plan is crucial to your post-show strategy. The right technology not only facilitates a quick and easy process, but also ensures your products stay top of mind. Here are 5 things to do with a prospect that will help maximize the return of your show. 

    1. Establish a lead management process. Field reps are ready to get the show on the road, but not without the help of sales intelligence to help prepare them for visits. Reps need to be equipped with valuable insights and on-demand contact information at their fingertips for strategic decision-making. This includes being able to easily retrieve prospect details to ensure the best opportunity to achieve new sales.

    2. Track effectiveness. Brandwise Vision arms your sales force with qualitative data, allowing for effective daily sales routes that include both existing customers and prospective opportunities. Sales managers can measure who is actively working prospects or which prospects may be falling dormant.

    3. Qualify prospects. Leverage the interactive mapping functionality within Vision 360 to make sure your retailer is a legitimate business.   View business locations to ensure proximity is not overlapping with current customers. Also use this tool to scout out new account locations dynamically to increase your prospect funnel.

    4. Determine product saturation. Sales reps should be able to measure the extent of a product's sales volume in a region to help them decide whether to take on a retailer who has a store similar to a current customer located nearby. Vision provides these insights.

    5. Personalize follow-up emails. Nurturing a prospect starts as soon as their information is plugged into your system. Brandwise Reach allows you to grab links to products or catalogs and leverage them in dynamic emails directing your prospects to your bestselling products.

    Capturing and qualifying leads requires the proper tools to help you and your reps generate more revenue. These tools can give you a better handle on the leads you generate at shows by delivering detailed analytics on the dollars ultimately spent by prospects who dropped by during show.

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