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    5 Good Reasons To Move To Wholesale Ordering Automation Now: Part 1

    Posted by Shelly Vollmer on November 11, 2016 at 10:00 AM

    When you are a wholesale supplier and your reps are not using sales order management software, traveling in and around the city with awkward laptops, giant catalogs, binders, notebooks, cell phones, we need to go on? This scenario sounds like it could be a Saturday Night Live sketch but, your sales reps are having quite a time. You've also noticed recently that sales are down and you want to find a new way to help make them more productive; but you don't know where to begin. You may think your ordering process is fine, but it's probably not that efficient. Let us help. Here are 5 reasons to move to wholesale ordering automation instead of entering orders and making presentations the old-fashioned way.wholesale ordering automation

    1. Your sales reps need more easy-to-use-tools. What wholesale ordering automation does is speed up the cycle of “order to cash” and lets reps spend less time on paperwork and more time on making sales; which is what you want. It makes order processing easy because reps can submit orders to suppliers with just a couple of clicks or taps. Also, there is automatic order verification to make sure there aren't any costly mistakes. Your reps won't be taking any chances on getting any hernias either because of those heavy catalogs they had to carry around. (smile) This is because automation provides a new way to sell. Retailers can now see what they are buying online because sales software makes it possible for reps to use interactive catalogs, product image galleries and other enticing imagery.

    2. Reps sometimes need education when they are on the go. As a sales manager, you have a challenging job and one of your biggest challenges is keeping a team of sellers motivated and educated so they can produce quality results. Order automation allows reps to prepare for appointments better because they now have complete account information, including buying history and additional product suggestions, right at their fingertips. This information is now on their iPad, Windows tablet, laptop or other Windows devices and available when they need it.

    3. Since sales are down, you want a better way to keep up with what your reps are actually doing. Wholesale ordering automation gives you accurate reports that keep you informed and aware of the activities of sales reps in your office; and also, any other reps who may work at different agencies too! It does this with metrics that pull up data so you have a comprehensive understanding and can keep an eye on what everyone else is doing. This is literally like having eyes in the back of your head.

    4. You want to help your reps be more productive but you need more data in order to do this. Spreadsheets let us input, modify and calculate anything we want so we can then store it digitally for re-use; but they can't give you the powerful business analytics you need these days to make smarter business decisions. Order automation connects you to what's trending now so you can advise reps on what products and territories they need to focus on for better sales results.

    5. You need better insight into actual product performance. You can't measure what you don't see. Older order systems will have you measuring the wrong things. The statistics you are relying on to assess your product performance may not come from accurate numbers. Wholesale ordering automation gives you key performance indicators in real-time so you know at a glance, which products are your top performers.

    This is not all that wholesale ordering automation will do to make sales greater, reps more efficient and decisions smarter. We wanted to give you a good idea of how this will help you maintain a competitive edge so you can deliver the highest levels of customer service and process efficiency you can. This will allow you to do it better than anyone else in the business and, you will have an eye on the pulse of what's trending so you can grow your business. With order automation, handwritten sales orders are a thing of the past and when your sales team has the right tools, this just adds value to the "whole sales" process.

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