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    4 Reasons Why A Digital Wholesale Gift Catalog Makes Selling Easier

    Posted by Brandwise on February 14, 2017 at 9:04 AM

    You're here because you care about your sales team and want to find ways to help each person become more successful. One of the most important things you can do for them this year is to get rid of those outdated sales tools that were popular and worked over 20 years ago (smile). They'll surely appreciate it as this will help them become more productive and allow them to see more customers in the same amount of time. It's  a win for everyone! Let's start by giving them a more updated way of selling and a sales tool that will move retailers quickly towards their purchase decisions.

    Digital Wholesale Gift CatalogHere are 4 reasons why a digital wholesale gift catalog will help make your sales rep's life easier.

    1. A Digital Catalog is Flexible. It brings together engaging imagery with digital order-taking while also allowing access to a supplier’s complete product line. Suppliers can update product information at anytime which ensures the accuracy of product data. This flexibility is so important because when your reps can provide updated product information in an increasingly competitive business environment, it can lead to additional market opportunities and put your sales people one step ahead of the competition.

    2. A Digital Wholesale Gift Catalog is ConvenientForrester, a marketing research expert, tells us that our B2B customers are now "more knowledgeable, independent and self-directed." This means that they no longer rely on your sales people just for product, pricing and other information. They want a virtual showroom that's available online 24 hours a day; which is not only convenient but, customers don't feel pressured when they use it and can get guidance in their buying decisions whenever they need it. This is a win-win for everyone and exactly how your reps can gain access to more customers.

    3. A Digital catalog gives reps a Psychological selling advantage. Did you know that people process visuals 60,000x faster than text? By showcasing products in a more organized, detailed and visual way, this helps retailers make up their minds quicker. It's a persuasive form of communication  and an important stimulus in encouraging them to buy. If they need more incentive, a rep can always select product images from one or more catalogs and then email the content directly to a retailer. In this way, they are forming a connection that will increase the customer's perception of value, and chances are this customer will want to purchase even more.

    4. A Digital Wholesale Gift Catalog is a more Progressive way of selling. Mobile technology and online buying are what will ultimately lead to a higher amount of repeat sales. Digital images and catalogs presented along with other important product details is what improves and gives quality to the buying experience. When your reps have a digital catalog as a sales tool and they can seamlessly collaborate with retailers, you aren't replacing the rep-retailer relationship, you're just adding more value to it. This is what selling in 2017 is all about. Retailers want the convenience that this self-service tool gives and reps want experiences that are easy, intuitive and memorable for these customers.

    Selling doesn't have to be a high-pressure environment between a sales rep and a customer. When you help your rep by eliminating print catalogs and other sales tools of the past, (smile) it's a step in the right direction. A digital Wholesale Gift Catalog is how your reps can compete today in an ever-changing environment. This is because you are now showing your product lines better, convincing your customers you are cutting edge, and amplifying the selling effort. Retailers and reps will be excited because you are showcasing these products in a more compelling way. This is one improvement that will help make your sales rep's life easier this year and give retailers a new way to shop!

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