Is now really the best time to get a Brandwise Passport?

Is now really the best time to get a Brandwise Passport?

Do you need a Brandwise Passport?  Is now the time to do it?

Yes and Yes.

Why do you need it?

Our industry was already in a constant state of change even before the current crisis started.  Technological advancements, greater access, and increased connectivity were everywhere.  The expectations of Retailers, Sales Reps, and Suppliers seem to be evolving in real time.  While the current crisis has slowed business, paradoxically, it has accelerated the need for one clear, connected, non-fragmented answer.  That answer can be found in Brandwise 2.0. 

By combining the latest sales techniques, the latest technology and Brandwise’s vast network, Brandwise 2.0 seamlessly connects the entire Brandwise Ecosystem.  By maintaining Brandwise’s neutral stance, this elegant and integrated platform will enable your business to thrive while remaining in control of your data.

Your first step is to create your Brandwise Passport, your personal account in Brandwise 2.0.

With your Brandwise Passport, there are a myriad of benefits available now, and more coming soon.  Below are just a few of the benefits for all stakeholders (Retailers, Suppliers, Sales Reps & Agencies):
  • No more data duplication – all stakeholders will have one singular profile
  • Communication with all your contacts, all in one place.
  • Access to Reach and Reach 2.0 B2B sites and the Brandwise Global Marketplace (launching Summer 2020) with an audience of over 290,000 thousand Retailers powered by 3700 Suppliers
  • Interaction in an environment that fully integrates and supports our 4500 Sales Reps
  • Access to your own data in one centralized, secure location
  • Data security with a trusted partner with a proven track record spanning over 23 years
Additional benefits for Agencies and Suppliers:
  • Transit provides Suppliers a platform to seamlessly upload and send perfectly formatted and validated product files, including Quantity on Hand and Availability Date information to their Agencies and other Reach sites.
  • Ability for Agencies’ to provide view-only access to their Reach site for specific Suppliers to verify that product data and images are current.
  • Seamless buyer migration from Reach 1.0 to Reach 2.0 platform
  • Approve buyers more seamlessly for shopping on Reach 2.0 & the Global Marketplace.
For Sales Reps:
  • Access to Vision for iPad & Vision 360 from within the Passport as well as on their iPad.  Access to reporting and analytics in your office or on the go.
  • Visibility into an Agency’s Reach 2.0 site to engage with Retailers during their shopping process.
  • Extensive integrated marketing analytics about Retailers on Reach including persona-driven content, abandoned cart and click through analysis.
For Retailers:
  • One login gets them access to all the Suppliers that they shop from.
  • Order History – whether the order was placed online, directly from a Rep, or at a show.
  • Stored payment information including tokenized credit card data eliminating the compromise associated with providing card information.

Why should you do this Now? 

As we begin to emerge from this crisis, you’ll want to be hitting the ground running with all possible tools available to you.  Once you’ve set up your Passport, you’ll begin connecting with businesses that you work with and your network will populate.  Now’s the time to get this process started.  Signing up for a Brandwise Passport is free and very simple!  Go to and click on “Don’t have a Brandwise Passport?” link to get started.  Follow each step to validate your company information and start enjoying the benefits today! 
  • If you’re an Agency looking to sign up, view this video to get started. 
  • If you’re a Supplier looking to sign up, view this video to get started.
If you need any assistance to get started, please reach out to Brandwise Support through email at or by phone at 303.788.9970 x1.

To stay informed of new releases and launch dates for our global marketplace, sign up to become a Brandwise Insider today.  Join our community through our private Brandwise Insiders group, or text INSIDERS to 33777 to opt into text and email notifications. 

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