8 Things Every Sales Rep Should Know When Selling On The Road

As a Sales Manager, the best tool you can give your reps to succeed when selling on the road is information.  When planning account visits or determining their sales road map, it’s often hard to recall and organize the details of each Retailer.  This often leads to relying on your customer service team to assist them with each and every sales call.  With Vision for iPad and Vision 360 for iPad, your Sales Reps have the power of analytics and reporting at their fingertips.

Learn how these simple guidelines help your Sales Rep get the most out of each sales call, and make them look like rockstars by arming them with the information to make suggestions based on strategic product offerings. 

To start, we suggest standardizing their pre-appointment checklist with these 8 things:

1.  Business Growth
Is this retailer experiencing growth?  How are their YTD sales compared to last
year?  Is there an opportunity to introduce new products or lines?  

2. New Product Opportunity
What are your top selling products that this customer is not purchasing?  Your
Sales Rep can quickly check Top 10 Products on directly from their Vision for iPad

3. What Does Your Retailer Need?
Have your Sales Reps make a point to take a look at the Retailer's inventory to
understand what they have on hand.  Make sure they leave enough time to look
at previous orders to see what has been shipped, what is on hold, and how to 
assist the buyer in filling inventory gaps.

4. Have The Answers
Do you know tracking numbers and delivery information for past shipments or
shipments that are on hold/backorder? Be prepared by knowing which orders
have shipped or are being prepared for shipment.  Know which items were a
part of that shipment with Vision for iPad when you're importing that line item
detail with InvoiceXchange.  

5. Know Their History
How can you make the most of your Retailers time?  Know their order history to quickly
duplicate orders and have a prepared presentation for suggested new orders.

6.  Payment Terms Information
Does this Retailer have a line of credit with Fundbox or do they pay via credit
card?  If they have Fundbox, how much credit do they have?  Writing orders
with Fundbox means guaranteed payments as soon as the items are ready to
ship.  Your Retailers can apply for Fundbox here at www.fundbox.com/bw-retailer. 

7. Know Your Territory
Is there an account down the street that might be interested in the same
products?  Make sure you’re getting the most out of your travels by checking
your territory accounts and creating a pre-planned road map with Vision 360 for iPad.

8. Prospect New Opportunities
Have new retailers popped up in your territory?  Don’t miss new opportunities -
check "Customers Near Me" on Vision 360 for iPad to prospect new opportunities.

How do you get this information?  Often times you gain access to territory reports or customer data reports by simply asking your Sales Manager.  Make this process even easier by looking at getting Vision for iPad and Vision 360.


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