Brandwise Bulletin - Fall 2020

With so much happening right now, we have an incredible amount of news to share with you. In this month's edition, you'll find updates from September and October as well as some great new content. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 16th at 12 pm Mountain Time:

We've compiled over $4 Billion Dollars of Total Sales Data between September 2018 and September 2020. This data shows the Total Sales Volume in every state for every month.  We're going to be sharing these 1,275 data points (25 months x 50 states plus DC) with you. In preparation for the release of this data, we've asked five of our esteemed colleagues to do their own analysis of this data. With each of them looking at it from their own perspective, we're excited to see what insights they share. Some will compare it to their own data, while others might compare it regionally to what's happened this year. It should be a very stimulating discussion! Here's a list of those joining us on the panel:

  • Adam Silver, President of New York Puzzle Company
  • Angela Knight, Partner of Center Stage Team
  • Jen Heamer, National Sales Director of Sincere Surroundings
  • Scott Harper, President and CEO of The Harper Group
  • Stuart Teller, CEO of Michel Design Works
  • Ari Lowenstein (Moderator), CSO of Brandwise

By signing up for this roundtable session, you will also be amongst the first to receive the full data set for your own analysis. Register using this link.

Friday, October 23rd at 12 pm Mountain Time:
Reach 2.0 – A Tour of Reach 2.0, New Updates, and Future Plans

Reach 2.0 is no longer something that is happening in the future - it's officially here!  The first release debuted a few weeks ago, and we're making continuous enhancements that release on a monthly basis. Tune in to learn more about this exciting moment in the evolution of the Brandwise Ecosystem. See what Reach 2.0 has to offer for Suppliers, Sales Reps, Agencies, and Retailers and learn the next steps for how you can get involved!

This session will be led by Todd Litzman, CEO & President of Brandwise, and will include key members of the Development, Implementation, and Support teams at Brandwise.  Register for this 60-minute session on Reach 2.0 using this link.