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At Brandwise we do our best to make the subject of sales software easy to understand and digest. We want to make sure you are fully aware of your options before investing in tools to grow your business.
Here are some frequently asked questions from business professionals just like yourself that might offer some clarity on a few areas:

About Brandwise

Brandwise is award-winning sales technology that enables suppliers and sales agencies to sell efficiently to retailers.  Through our studio of sales technology, we offer tools to streamline digital presentations, automated order capture & order delivery, commission & invoice processing, sales & business intelligence, and an online B2B ordering site for retailers.

The robust nature of the Brandwise studio of software is the result of over 17 years of research and development, focusing on the nuances of the manufacturer to sales agency to retailer business model.  Brandwise Play is the only platform independent presentation and order capture software that incorporates multi-line capabilities, complex product options and variants, and integrates with other essential components of technology.

Not only does Brandwise create cutting edge sales software, we also have the resources and teams in place to support our customers.  Our customer support team is just a call away to help answer any questions.  We also offer on-site market and trade show support to make sure you remain focused on business and not troubleshooting.

Your first step is to talk to one of our sales professionals about what you’d like to accomplish so they can provide you with a complimentary needs analysis of your business. They can walk you through recommended products and systems to help you get a better understanding of your options and how Brandwise can help transform your sales organization.  Click here to setup a demo!

The Brandwise customer support team is here to help!  They are available between the hours of 6am6pm MST.  We understand that critical issues may arise outside of normal business hours, which is why we have a customer support team member on call for emergencies.  Simply call 1-877-435-3225, ext. 1 and leave a message.

Brandwise users can also check out which has detailed information on how to use individual Brandwise products as well as everything you need to manage your product data and visual content such as images and digital catalogs.

We also invite Brandwise users to join our Brandwise User Group (BUG) on LinkedIn to engage other Brandwise users, get the latest updates, share ideas on best practices and more.

About the Brandwise Studio of Sales Software


Because most retailers want to see what they are buying. Brandwise Play brings engaging imagery and digital order taking together in one enthralling application. Brandwise Play gives sales reps access to a supplier’s complete product line while eliminating heavy and costly catalogs. Simply create brilliant product presentations, then effortlessly update and customize your presentation for any occasion.

Play on your iPad or Play on your laptop. Play offline or Play online. It’s the way selling should be done.

Yes!  Brandwise Play(s) on PC’s, iPads, MAC’s (with Parallels or Boot Camp) and is still compatible with Pocket PC’s in your showrooms.

Because our Play systems are based on extensive visual presentation, the real estate available on your iPhone or iPod does not do your products justice. Therefore, the smallest device we support is the iPad mini.

Yes!  Both Play for PC and iPad allow you to select product images across multiple catalogs or suppliers and email this content directly from Play to your retailers for reference.

Yes!  Brandwise provides tools that allow you to upload and “hot-spot” your digital catalogs.  Once “hotspotted,” you will be able to purchase products directly from the catalog page without having to transition away from the page, making ordering lightning fast!

Play also provides a fully searchable image gallery that allows you to sell by product images.

Finally, Play allows you to key in or scan items directly into Play making market orders quick and easy.

The reps can choose any or all of these methods as they become familiar with the applications.

Yes!  Brandwise offers the only fully tokenized PCI compliant Credit Card collection process in the industry.  As long as you have an internet connection you can add new cards into your system through our secure gateway.  Tokens with Credit Card identification detail remain on your Play system for future use with or without an internet connection.

Either way.  You can subscribe to a service with Brandwise to load your data and update your visual content if you desire.  Or, you can use our product importer and content management tools to upload your data, images and digital catalogs.  Our content management tool will also allow you to “hot-spot” your digital catalogs to allow reps and retailers to purchase product directly from the catalog pages!

Yes!  Because Brandwise Play supports single suppliers as well as multi line rep groups, the ability to search for product by description or other common variables across all of our product data is standard.


Because Brandwise Stream is a web-based technology that makes order management easy. It streamlines the order submission process from Brandwise-powered reps and agencies to your back office.

Yes!  Stream Standard and Stream Pro support full credit card tokenization from end to end.  Brandwise offers the only fully tokenized PCI compliant Credit Card collection process in the industry.  Tokens with Credit Card identification detail remain on the Play system for future use. You will no longer need to download or print detailed credit card information if you are using one of the Brandwise approved gateway providers. (Please contact Brandwise for a full list of providers)

No!  Stream is a web based solution, you do not need to load an application, you simply need an internet connection.

Very! Our order export templates from Steam Standard are extremely flexible and will provide files that import into any ERP system that will accept a transaction file.

Once you have signed up for the appropriate level of Stream our implementation team will assist you in setting up your export templates.  Whether you are using flat files or EDI methods, they will be able to take you through the process step-by-step to get you up and running.

Yes!  Stream Standard and Stream Pro offer user definable validation and business rules to ensure that the orders coming into their ERP are clean.  Stream as a order dashboard that displays the status of clean orders, dirty orders that have failed validation check(s), and a full history of exported order batches.

Yes!  The Stream Standard and Stream Pro Order console provides high level analytics on orders received by the supplier.  Additionally, all of our Stream offerings come with Insight, our detailed graphical order reporting engine.


Because this web application transforms your catalogs into an online sales machine with order taking capabilities baked right in. Reach improves your rep’s ability to extend their reach to retailers who may be difficult to travel to, or are too busy to meet in person.

Brandwise Reach integrates with your existing website and you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use it. Reps get a valuable selling tool and buyers enjoy a persuasive visual experience. Everything else is going online; shouldn’t your products and catalogs be there too?

No!  Not only does reach ensure that sales reps receive orders created by retailers for review before they are sent to the supplier, but it also provides a collaborative shopping experience with their retailers by allowing suggested orders to be pushed from the reps Play systems to their retail on Reach.  Reach was designed to extend the reps “reach”, not cut them out of the picture.

Yes! All orders written by Brandwise empowered sales reps are accessible for your retailers on Reach. Your retailers can place re-orders using their order history, and furthermore they can use Reach to modify suggested orders that their reps have sent them via Reach allowing them to collaborate with their reps virtually!

Yes!  The same rules that apply in Play apply in Reach.  You can define order and re-order minimums, payment and shipping methods accepted, terms and customer specific pricing if applicable.

You!  You have full control over your reach site content once your site is live.  You can modify your retailer landing pages, publish and un-publish supplier product, images and catalogs.  You also have full control over who has access to your site through our retailer mapping tool within my.brandwise.

Once you have signed up for Reach, our implementation team will work with you to make your Reach site mimic the characteristics of your current website. They will provide you with the code that will be added to your existing site to allow your retailers to register and log in to your Reach site as well as instructions about how to implement this code. Finally, they will train you on all aspects of maintaining your Reach site, mapping retailers and the interaction of orders from Reach with your reps.


Because Brandwise Vision is the indispensable window into your business analytics. Vision gives you insights to sell more effectively in a competitive market place. It’s designed to integrate with Brandwise’s industry-leading studio of solutions and your back office systems to provide a comprehensive understanding of the performance of all of your products, sales reps and retailers.

Detailed reports enable you to understand how your reps are performing and gain insight into what products are top performers along with what seasonal and regional trends are driving sales. With Brandwise Vision, you have the ultimate vision on what you need to sell more products, and keep your sales growing at full throttle.

Yes!  Vision is a role based system with unlimited seat’s completely defined by you.  Your Sales Reps can be setup to view only their information, and your Sales management and Senior Team management can have role up of the applicable business information.

Yes! Vision 360 allows you to easily plan your daily sales routes and see traffic, weather and street views. 360 combines the power of Google and Bing with your sales analytics! Enjoy visual trending down to the street level, overlay prospects with existing accounts and easily track rep’s progress.

Yes!  Vision comes out of the box with a library of pre-defined email alerts to deliver actionable information to your reps, management and retailers.

With Vision you can create powerful custom queries. Want to see how many accounts are down year-over-year? No problem! Brandwise Vision can even give you the answer by account or sales rep. The possibilities are limitless and the insights are invaluable.

Yes!  Leave the pain of pivot tables in the rear-view mirror. Easily build powerful reports by dragging and dropping the data point(s) you want to see. Save the layout, flip to Excel and slice and dice to your heart’s content. Brandwise Vision has many analyzers to enjoy:

Sales, Product, Credit and even Products and Retailers.

A bunch!  As long as your ERP can provide a detailed extract of transactional data Brandwise per our specification we can get you setup.  A few of the more popular systems we work with are:

SAGE/MAS products
Quickbooks Local Version
Microsoft Dynamics