It all started with the need for a solution…

After returning from a buying trip in High Point, Jannetta spent several late nights sorting through stacks of orders, finally declaring, “There’s got to be a better way!” So, like any good husband and tech-geek would… Todd set forth to figure out just that. In 1997, Brandwise (Showroom Solutions) was born in the basement of Todd & Jannetta Litzman’s home in Littleton, Colorado.
“Our backgrounds in technology and automation led us to question whether there was a more efficient way for retailers, reps and suppliers to deal with the order-writing and delivery process,” Todd said. “Our first introduction to the market was Palm Pilots and ultra small laptops, which became commonplace in showrooms. These devices made order creation at market and on the road a breeze. You could walk out with a nicely printed list instead of a stack of handwritten carbon copies.”
Since then, Brandwise has led the innovation of sales technology in the industry with new solutions, services and tools to facilitate each step of the process. Starting out with just three, the team quickly grew to eight full time employees in the Litzman home. Since then, Brandwise has grown to over 30 team members in our Lakewood, CO office consisting of developers, programmers, managers, customer care specialists and administration – far more than what could fit into one basement!

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