Brandwise On-Site Show Support

We want to ensure you have a positive experience with our software during your critical showtimes. While we would love to attend every show, costs and resource allocation make this difficult, so we focus on major markets with the highest density of our clients. Our planned show schedule is posted for each season, however we make changes based on demand. 

Pre-Show Appointments:

This service is intended to act as an operational insurance to ensure your Brandwise products are properly configured for showroom use. Our on-site technicians will also assist with training reps and temporary staff on iPad or Laptop order-taking, as well as staff members on Brandwise show management functionality. These appointments are provided in two hour increments and operate on the assumption that the showroom environment is already set up, all devices to be used during the show are charged, and already loaded with our software.

It is important to note that we do *NOT* profess expertise in hardware issues, printer issues, networking, or third-party software.

Core Elements is our recommended third-party provider. Their team has a proven track record in supporting many Brandwise customers and they are familiar with all aspects of showroom 3rd party network/hardware troubleshooting. As an added bonus, they also possess general knowledge of Brandwise software. They can be contacted either through their website or by calling 412-501-6055.

Shared Show Support:

This service provides a minimum of 2 visits/day along with any escalated dispatches needed by our on-site team. Support is provided via a dispatch model and is coordinated by contacting our on-call support line in Colorado at 303-788-9970 x1. Response times may vary as the on-site technicians are also assigned to other customers who are sharing the expense. When you fill out our request form for this service please make sure you include your cell phone and email address to receive important communications from our on-site team during the show.

In order to plan resources and travel as efficiently as possible, we prefer that all requests be made at least 30 days in advance. Our fee structure increases for requests within the 30 day show period due to a shorter window of travel and resource planning. Markets vary in terms of travel expense and customer density and our show support price structure reflects that as well.

Please note that from this point forward, Brandwise only offers Ad-Hoc Hourly support on an emergency basis while at market. If you are in a situation where you need an emergency on-site technician, please call our Brandwise Technical Support line at 303-788-9970 x1 to submit your request. A billable ticket will be generated and sent to our Finance Department and a technician will be dispatched as soon as they are available to your showroom or booth. If we don’t have an on-site resource available, we may recommend you use Core Elements as a secondary resource.

Please Prepare Early!

We encourage you to plan your show needs early and to prepare your systems prior to the on-site logistics associated with the show. This preparation will prevent creating an emergency at the onset of the show.

Our technical support team is available to help you with specific support questions that may arise during your pre-show preparation.

Upcoming Winter/Spring Markets:

Dallas Gift & Home Show

Dates of Service: January 7th - January 10th

Pre-Show Appointment: >30 days ($400) or <30 days ($500)

Shared Show Support: >30 days ($700) or <30 days ($850)

Package Deal (including Pre-Show & Shared Support): >30 days ($850) or <30 days ($1050)

Atlanta Gift & Home Show

Dates of Service: January 12th - January 17th

Pre-Show Appointment: >30 days ($400) or <30 days ($500)

Shared Show Support: >30 days ($850) or <30 days ($950)

Package Deal (including Pre-Show & Shared Support): >30 days ($1000) or <30 days ($1250)

Las Vegas Gift & Home Show

Dates of Service: January 25th - January 27th

Pre-Show Appointment: >30 days ($350) or <30 days ($500)

Shared Show Support: >30 days ($400) or <30 days ($500)

Package Deal (including Pre-Show & Shared Support): >30 days ($700) or <30 days ($850)

Emergency on-site Service Minimum Fee: $250

Emergency Service Hourly Rate after 1st Hour: $100