Brandwise Transit

Sales Enablement Tools for the Wholesale Industry 

Brandwise Transit uploading a product file on an iPad

Sharing Product Data is easier than ever

Increase efficiencies by streamlining the product file delivery process with Transit. Include timely product information including Quantity on Hand and Available date.  Once you upload your product file it will be shared instantly with all of the Brandwise-powered Agencies you're connected to via Brandwise Passport for immediate selling on Play and Reach.

Share your data automatically

Once your data is uploaded and validated via Transit, it’s immediately available for each Sales Agency you’ve connected with using the Brandwise Passport. Update as often as you like, and the most current information flows effortlessly to all your connections. 

Saved Product File Mapping

Transit makes it  simple to send out updates by saving the mapping template from previously uploaded product files. Simply upload the file with the changes and Transit takes care of the rest!

Brandwise Transit mapping a product file on a desktop computer
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Powered by your Brandwise Passport

As part of Brandwise Studio, Transit takes full advantage of your Brandwise Passport. Use your Passport to connect with your own teams, and control how your product data is shared with other businesses. 

Mobile Friendly

Transit is fully responsive across devices. Need to make a change on the go? Transit can handle it. Sign in online from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How do we get started?

The Brandwise Passport is your account within the Brandwise Ecosystem and is also home to Transit. Sign up for your Brandwise Passport and register your business to start taking advantage of the many benefits of Transit!

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Help shape the future of Transit

The first release of Transit allows you to upload your product files and easily share it with any agencies you're connected to via the Brandwise Passport. Drive where you'd like to go next on the Transit journey by becoming a Brandwise Insider today.

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