Brandwise Reporting & Analytics

Sales Enablement Tools for the Wholesale Industry

Visually target sales opportunities on the go with Vision 360!

  • 360 degree map view of Territory Sales Totals by State, County, Zip Code, and Customer.
  • Detailed Customer information, including 13 Month Trailing Orders & Invoice History.
  • Color coded pins at street level let you prioritize your route and help you manage time effectively. 

Vision for iPad houses powerful analytics and sales reports, including:

  • Trailing 13 month Sales History, Invoice History, Reach Orders History, and Supplier History.
  • View your orders with Future Ship Dates with just the touch of a button.
  • Need to export a report? No problem. Vision for iPad allows you to export in Excel or PDF format.

Sell smarter

Put the power of essential business analytics at your fingertips to sell more strategically in highly competitive markets. Map based reporting allows you to visualize how your sales force and retailers are performing through detailed reports. 

Know directly who you're speaking to with the power of Supplier Vision

Arm your sales and managers with data they need to reach their full sales potential. Here are just some of the sales analytics tools Supplier Vision offers:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Sales Capsule
  • Account Alerts
  • Product Trending
  • Brandwise 360 Mapping
  • Data Analyzers
  • Trending and Alerts
  • Lot's of easy to access canned Reports
  • Interactive Report Dashboards

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