Attention Suppliers: Click Here to sign up for your Passport today! Through Passport you will be able to access Transit.  This new tool includes features that allow you to send daily updates to your Agencies including Quantity on Hand and Available Date.  A very timely feature in today's marketplace.

Brandwise Passport

Sales Enablement Tools for the Wholesale Industry

Brandwise Passport facilitates communication and the exchange of data between colleagues, suppliers, retailers, agencies and sales reps within the Brandwise Ecosystem. With Brandwise Passport, you’re always in control of your own relationships and profile data.

The first release of Brandwise Passport is for Agency and Supplier personnel to manage product data. Once the Supplier loads product data into Transit, any Agency, connected via the Brandwise Passport, will receive an email notification with a perfectly formatted product file. This process also populates the data into our reimagined B2B/Wholesale eCommerce portal, Reach 2.0, which we're excited to announce will be making its debut soon!

Passport is fully responsive across most devices including smart mobile phones, tablets, IPads, MACs and desktop PC's.

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