Brandwise Order Delivery

Sales Enablement Tools for the Wholesale Industry

Just started working with an Agency that uses Brandwise?

If so, it's time to take that partnership to the next level! Stream Lite allows you to quickly and easily receive orders with an easy-to-use dashboard. This dashboard allows you to:

  • Access Order History
  • Review Order Volume
  • See which Agencies are sending the most orders
  • Send automated receipt verification to your Sales Reps
  • Batch and print orders 

Stream Lite will show sales orders on your dashboard automatically within 20 minutes of a Sales Rep placing the order through Play or once a Retailer has placed an order through Reach. Once you click "Deliver", you've confirmed receipt of the order. All that's left to do is print the sales order and enter it into your ERP system. 

The best part? We're so confident you'll love Stream Lite we'll give you a free 90-day trial. So, take your time and enjoy the many benefits of Stream Lite! 

Process orders faster with less effort using full Stream

With all the complexities involved in getting an order, we understand that providing a seamless buying experience for your Retailers is vital. The cloud-based Stream order dashboard gathers orders from Agencies, Company Sales Reps, and Reach. Stream then batches, validates, and prepares those orders for importing. 

Stream gives you more time to focus on growing your business by reducing errors and decreasing the time spent processing orders. Your Brandwise sales orders are delivered directly to your ERP or accounting system with Stream, and you can access them any time online. Order delivery and processing has never been so efficient! 

Brandwise Stream on a desktop computer

Insight Reporting Add-On Available

Insight is an optional reporting tool which can be added to Stream or Stream Lite. Gain critical knowledge into the performance of products, Sales Reps, Retailers, and Agencies. Get real-time data for real-time decisions with Insight.

A picture is worth a thousand orders

When you sign up for a free trial of Stream Lite, you'll also get access to the Brandwise Content Management tool. This  valuable tool allows you to upload your product images and digital catalogs. You've spent considerable resources in developing your brand's content, and now's the time to share that content digitally with your Sales Reps and Retailers! By having stunning visuals, you increase your revenue potential exponentially.

Simply upload your product photos and any .pdf digital catalogs. You know your products best, so we make it easy for you to hotspot your products in the digital catalogs... not to worry - we have an easy step-by-step guide for this! 

Help shape the future of Stream

What would you like to see next? We regularly reach out to our customers for their perspectives through the Brandwise Insiders. You can be an Insider and help prioritize the next Stream features.

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