You’ve arrived at this page either because you have been invited to join, or are requesting to join, a Brandwise Marketplace. 

The Brandwise ecosystem includes many distinct Marketplaces all built on the Passport-enabled Reach platform. This platform enables all stakeholders to participate in multiple Marketplaces while providing and receiving data through a single source. 

Once you have executed the agreement, you will then be directed to additional steps specific to each Marketplace. 

Product Detail: 

A Brandwise Marketplace is a B2B Ecommerce platform designed for qualified Retailers and Buyers to place orders with Suppliers. 

Approved Retailers and Buyers with a Brandwise Passport can start shopping immediately. Orders placed through all Brandwise Marketplaces are transmitted to you through our secure Stream Lite portal. 

With your participation in the Marketplace comes free access to these Brandwise tools: Passport, Transit and Content Management. Passport is your individual account where you will connect to your business. Transit provides fast and easy uploading of your product information to the Marketplace. Content Management is how you upload product images. You will access all these services through your single sign-on through your Passport. 

Marketplace Participation, Fees, Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participation
    1. Individual Marketplaces operated by Associations and other groups may have membership fees which are specific to each Association and are not governed by nor managed by Brandwise.
    2.   Your company will be listed under your legal company name or dba and/or the same name as used for your membership in the Association in which you participate.
    3. Any effort to redirect Retailers from the Marketplace to order on another platform may result in suspension of service and removal of your products from all Marketplaces. You will still have access to your order history and other tools.
    4. If your account is 60 days past due, Brandwise maintains the right to suspend service and remove your products from all Brandwise Marketplaces. You will still have access to your order history and other tools.
    5. Should you no longer want your brand represented on the Marketplace notice must be provided to:
  2. Fees
    1. There is no upfront fee to participate on the Marketplace.
    2. A 3% transaction fee applies to any orders placed through any Brandwise Marketplace and transmitted to you through Stream or Stream Lite.
    3. Transaction Fees are billed quarterly with Net 30 terms.  
  3. Credit Card Processing
    1. In accordance with PCI compliance, Brandwise captures all credit cards used as a payment method for sales orders and provides them to you as tokens. Brandwise DOES NOT process payment, you are responsible for the collection of payments and calculation of shipping fees for any orders processed. 
    2. You can retrieve Credit Card tokens for these sales orders by logging into Stream or Steam Lite.


I agree with the terms, conditions and costs as outlined above. I also understand that any interpretation of deliverables derived from verbal conversation with a representative of Brandwise that are not expressly written into Terms and Conditions, or any assumption of usability that are not expressly detailed in this agreement, are not enforceable in any way. 

Please complete the form below to accept the terms of this agreement and begin your Marketplace journey!

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