Frequently Asked Questions

CanGift 365 FAQs


The CanGift 365 online marketplace enhances the future of in-person trade shows. With Brandwise’s experience in training, technical and show support and operations expertise behind this initiative, the digital platform can also be used for face-to-face order capturing, making it a timeless opportunity for all participants.




What is CanGift 365? 

A B2B on-line marketplace built to provide Canadian retailers access to their favorite brands as well as thousands of new brands to discover through a dynamic search experience.

Who is on CanGift 365?

Participating CanGift Gold Members, who are exhibitors you are accustomed to doing business with or discovering at in-person markets. There are currently over 150 members, representing more than 100,000 products available on CanGift 365

Where is it?

Everywhere you are! CanGift 365 will be accessible through your phone, your iPad, your laptop and even your smart TV!

How do I get started?

Click through on this link to register for your Passport to shop. 

What are some of the features of CanGift 365?

  • Search and shop within a brand or by searching for a theme or feature
  • Printable orders
  • Full access to your order history

I already have a Brandwise Passport, will I need to do anything extra to join CanGift 365?

 All you’ll need to do is request to connect to CanGift365 in your Business Connections while in your Retailer Passport profile, and request to shop!

Who do I contact to join CanGift 365?

For more information, please click here.

How do I become a qualified retail buyer with CanGift in order to participate in CanGift 365?

Retailers must be approved by CanGift to use the platform. Those who are currently on the extensive CanGift database are eligible. Retailers who are not yet in the CanGift database, should send their credentials to There is no charge to become a qualified retail buyer with CanGift and shop CanGift 365. 


Below is a list of acceptable company and personal documentation:


Two forms of acceptable identification must be submitted for each new Buyer — one form of Company, and one form of Buyer identification.

Proper company identification includes:

  • Business Number/Canada Revenue documentation (federal) identifying a giftware-related business
  • Business Licence/Registration (provincial/municipal) identifying a giftware-related business
  • A recent invoice (within six months) from industry manufacturers for goods purchased at wholesale in quantity
  • Store/commercial lease, indicating type of business
  • Please note: Documentation must identify the business as a retail operation for a buyer’s badge.

 Proper individual buyer identification includes:

  • Imprinted, personalized business card with applicant's name
  • Employee ID card, or company insurance card identifying applicant with personal information blocked out *
  • Company credit card identifying applicant and company, with personal information blocked out *
  • Copy of T-4 or W-2 form (must be imprinted, no handwritten forms are accepted) with personal information blocked out *
  • Company canceled payroll cheque copied on both sides, or a copy of a payroll printout.

*i.e., Bank account numbers, SIN, personal address, personal phone or fax number.