Frequently Asked Questions

CanGift 365 FAQs

Member/Supplier/Maker/Brand/Wholesale Company

The CanGift 365 marketplace also provides a foundation for membership within the association and enhances the future of in-person trade shows. With Brandwise’s experience in training, technical and show support and operations expertise behind this initiative, the digital platform can also be used for face-to-face order capturing, making it a timeless opportunity for all participants.

What is CanGift 365? 

 CanGift 365 is an online, year-round marketplace, open exclusively to Gold members of the Canadian Gift Association.  

Do I have to be a member of CanGift to participate on CanGift 365? 

 Yes. CanGift 365 is open to Gold members of the association. Please note that CanGift requires that the name you use for your  listing in CanGift 365 must match your name used with your CanGift membership.  To learn more about membership or to apply for membership,  click here  .

I am currently a Silver member. Can I participate?

 No, CanGift 365 is a Gold membership benefit only. Once Silver members upgrade to Gold membership, they are eligible for CanGift 365. 

How are retailers approved to be on the platform?

 Retailers must be approved by CanGift to use the platform. Those who are currently on the extensive CanGift database are eligible. Retailers who are not yet in the CanGift database, should send their credentials to

How does an approved retailer order product on CanGift 365? 

 Once retailers register for a Brandwise Passport, they can request access to CanGift 365 and begin ordering products from the suppliers listed on the marketplace. 

If I am on CanGift 365, can I control access to which retailers can see my products? 

 Yes, at your discretion, you have the option for a secondary approval process where you can approve retailers before they access your products. If you activate this control, your products will not appear in the search function unless you have already granted access to the retailer. 

Who controls access to CanGift 365?

 The Canadian Gift Association controls access to the marketplace for retailers, suppliers and salespeople. 

Can a company have multiple team members log in i.e.) will a manager and sales associate have different log in credentials? 

 Yes. Every individual will have their own personal Brandwise Passport connected to their Business. 

How do I load my product data and company data onto the site? 

 After you sign up, you will be sent a full onboarding guide that will walk you through the process step-by-step. 

What technology or platform is CanGift 365 built on?

Brandwise  provides its 2.0 platform to CanGift to support CanGift 365. This platform is built on a platform used across all Brandwise supported marketplaces. 

Will I be able to capture hyperlinks for my company on CanGift 365 and include them in my marketing materials, social media, etc.? 

 Yes. This functionality is included at the brand, SKU and category levels. 

What payment methods are accepted?   

 Members determine their own payment terms including credit card, Net30, Net60, etc. The platform provides a secure credit card structure. The retailer enters their credit information which is tokenized. This token is then available through Stream or Stream lite in a PCI compliant manner. 

How is contact information maintained within CanGift 365?

 All stakeholders, including retailers, salespeople and suppliers maintain their own contact information through their Brandwise Passport. Your Brandwise Passport is separate from your CanGift member profile and changes will not be reflected. It is your responsibility to keep your CanGift member profile updated as well. 

Can suppliers access CanGift 365 to see what other suppliers have listed? 

Suppliers can only see their own products. They cannot see other suppliers’ products. When viewing their own products, they see the exact view that a retailer sees but they cannot add anything to a cart.

If I am a supplier who has our own Brandwise Play or Reach system for our business, will I need to do anything extra to join CanGift 365? 

 It depends on what mechanism you use to upload data into your Brandwise system. Please reach out to our Support Team at  to confirm that you’re sharing this product data most efficiently with CanGift 365. 

Who will be purchasing on CanGift 365?

Approved retailers from across Canada and the world.

How can a member link CanGift 365 to their website?

 Members can include a link anywhere they’d like with a simple hyperlink to either their company or to a specific sku. Buyers will then be directed to CanGift 365. If the buyer already has a Passport, they will go directly to that member’s brand listing or to the specific sku. If they do not yet have a Passport, they will be walked through the process to set one up. 

How do the costs and payments work for suppliers?

a.  Who is my contract with?

The contract for this service is administered by Brandwise.

b.  What does it cost to participate?

 A 3% transaction fee will be charged on all orders placed through CanGift 365. 

c.  Does the transaction fee apply only to shipped orders?

 The 3% fee applies to the order value at the time the order is transmitted to you via Stream/Stream Lite. 

d.  Does a supplier still get invoiced for the 3% fee if a retailer cancels an order after it has been placed?

 The 3% is a fee associated with the capture and transmission of the sales order to the supplier. Any dealings past that stage are beyond the   control of CanGift 365. As a result, credits and returns are also not subject to a refund of fees. 

e.  In the case of a large mistake coming through CanGift 365, i.e., a retailer means to order a quantity of 10 units and, in error, enters a quantity of 1000 units, will the supplier get billed for the 3% fee?

 In rare and exceptional cases such as these, the supplier should contact Brandwise at to adjust their account accordingly

How am I billed?

 Quarterly based on the orders delivered during the previous quarter. 

How does the pricing and the billing work? In Canadian Dollars or US Dollars?

Everything to do with CanGift 365 is in Canadian Dollars. Customers will place orders in Canadian Dollars and the 3% transaction fees will be billed by Brandwise in Canadian Dollars.

Who do I contact for support?

a.  Who do I contact for Technical Support?

Text BWSUPPORT to 33777 to get signed up for system wide messaging
 Call 303-788-9970 x1 - 9am to 7pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. 

 *support available in English only 

b.   Who do I contact to join or if I have lost access to CanGift 365? 

 Your first contact is CanGift to confirm your membership is active and in good standing. If it is, they will direct you to the appropriate contact at Brandwise   to get setup. 

c.   Who do I contact if I would like to learn about marketing opportunities and other programs? 

 When programs become available, CanGift will send you information and add them to the  Member Toolkit   

d.  Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill?

The Finance Department at Brandwise:  

Does Brandwise offer additional integrated services?

Yes. To learn more please visit , and email  

How can I learn more about setting up my company information on CanGift 365?

We are offering designated webinar sessions and one-on-one consultations with Brandwise experts to help you get started and learn how easy the platform is to use. More information to come. 

How are retailers approved to be on the platform?

Retailers must be approved by CanGift to use the platform. Those who are currently on the extensive CanGift database are eligible. Retailers who are not yet in the CanGift database, should send their credentials to

Below is a list of acceptable company and personal documentation:


Two forms of acceptable identification must be submitted for each new Buyer — one form of Company, and one form of Buyer identification.

  Proper company identification includes:

  • Business Number/Canada Revenue documentation (federal) identifying a giftware-related business
  • Business Licence/Registration (provincial/municipal) identifying a giftware-related business
  • A recent invoice (within six months) from industry manufacturers for goods purchased at wholesale in quantity
  • Store/commercial lease, indicating type of business
  • Please note: Documentation must identify the business as a retail operation for a buyer’s badge.

Proper individual buyer identification includes:

  • Imprinted, personalized business card with applicant's name
  • Employee ID card, or company insurance card identifying applicant with personal information blocked out *
  • Company credit card identifying applicant and company, with personal information blocked out *
  • Copy of T-4 or W-2 form (must be imprinted, no handwritten forms are accepted) with personal information blocked out *
  • Company canceled payroll cheque copied on both sides, or a copy of a payroll printout.

*i.e., Bank account numbers, SIN, personal address, personal phone or fax number.