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Play for iPad and Apple iOS 8

Compatibility not yet determined.  DO NOT Install the iOS 8 update on your iPad.

The recent announcement of Apple’s iOS 8 release date has been solidified as September 14, 2014.  We are cautioning our users on Play for iPad to NOT apply this update at this time. We have not completed our certification of the new operating system from Apple products.  Early adoption of the release will impact our Play for iPad product. We expect to complete this certification as soon as possible, but we are asking that our clients NOTupgrade until we provide a statement of compatibility. Please note, once the upgrade to iOS 8 is taken, reverting back to iOS 7 or iOS 6 is not possible, and therefore using Play for iPad will not be possible. Please pass this notice on to all Play for iPad users within your organization to ensure that this message is received by all who may be concerned.

Thank you,