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Engaging digital displays for enhanced presentations and order capture


Enable sales reps to sell online as effectively as they sell in person
Brandwise Reward


Track, manage and automate commission for hassle-free back office operations
Brandwise Stream


Get orders processed electronically for maximum efficiency and reduced errors
Brandwise Vision


In depth sales analytics and business intelligence to grow your business
Brandwise Supplier Studio


A fully integrated, enterprise sales software solution for Suppliers looking to grow their business
Brandwise Sales Agency Studio


A fully integrated, enterprise sales software solution for Sales Agencies that want to grow their business

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Add value to your retailer relationships while staying competitive in the ever-changing landscape of the wholesale trade. By offering retailers a self-service, online buying experience, Sales Reps can stay in front of retailers who might be difficult to travel to or are too busy to meet in person. All the while, keep tabs on your on online sales and beyond with drag and drop reporting and analytics and easily pay out commissions to reps for sales they drive to your eCommerce site.


When you are ready for an all-encompassing solution that will: streamline business processes from manufacturing to order fulfillment, put sales order management and visual presentation tools into the hands of sales reps, pay out commissions painlessly, and use real-time data to track and analyze it all – you are ready for the Brandwise Wholesale Distribution Solution. Best of all, applications in this solution are completely integrated for a seamless user experience.


Nothing says sophistication like a sales rep with a sleek iPad app. Our app, offers online and offline order entry with simple line item entry and visual presentations that are so engaging that customers won’t be able to resist adding more items to their order, faster. Not taking the iPad on the road? No problem, just connect a Bluetooth scanner with your iPad and off you go scanning items to an order and keeping the conversation going with customers in the showroom.


Retrieving and processing orders has never been easier! With order automation, suppliers save time and money on administrative tasks while orders are processed automatically. Retrieved orders are kept prim and proper in a simple dashboard for easy review and storage. With the Order Automation Solution, retailer credit card information is kept safely out of the reach of would-be credit card security breachers – just the way the Payment Card Industry (PCI) likes it.


Developing relationships and making sales is job #1 for wholesale sales reps. Don’t let paperwork and other admin tasks get in the way! Sales Order Management allows reps to prepare for sales appointments, present products, suggest orders, create orders, scan in the showroom, submit orders to suppliers, and much more with almost any device. And it’s not just for sales reps! Management can track and analyze sales data while the back office pays out commissions with ease. If you are ready to let reps focus on what they do best, join the revolution and grow your business with Sales Order Management.


If you aren’t getting intimate with your sales data, you are doing it wrong! Okay, you are probably pretty intimate with Excel Spreadsheets, but our Reporting & Analytics solution offers more analytical tools than Excel ever dreamed of! Choose from standard reports, drag and drop customizable reports, planning tools, prospecting and so much more! Don’t make strategic decisions using Excel and your gut. Make confident decisions that command sales forces, and rake in the profits (and make you look pretty darn smart).


Visual presentations aren’t just nice to have – they’re critical to keeping a buyer engaged. Did you know that visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text? Human brains are wired with 40 percent of nerve fibers connected to the retina. After the thousands of years spend on grasslands, our ancestors adapted to survive using our amazing eyes and brains. Today, we can use these adaptions to benefit us in sales. We have taken these facts into account as we developed our Visual Presentation tools and we present them to you as tools to harness the buyer’s attention and add the value to the sales relationship that keeps them coming back for more.

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Schedule a demo with a Brandwise sales software expert to find out which solutions are right for your business. Here are just a few ways Brandwise can help:

  • Arm your sales force to wow retailers and increase sales
  • Give managers and executives the analytics and reports they need to make data-driven decisions
  • Stay competitive in the online b2b marketplace by giving retailers the ability to order online
  • Increase efficiency in your sales process and protect retailers by automating order transmission

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