Brandwise provides tools to help you modernize selling.

Solutions that help suppliers and sales agencies display, sell, order and analyze.

Brandwise provides tools to help you sell anywhere.

Sell in person or online because you never know where life will take you.

Brandwise empowers you to sell the way you want to sell.

Any device, anywhere, any time.

What Customers Are Saying

  • As both a sales manager and a representative, Brandwise Vision has allowed me to manage sales not only for our agency  but also on the individual customer and territory level.  By having instant access to everything from sales history, tracking orders and managing back orders, it’s really helped me to grow not only individual territory business but also CMA’s overall agency business.  I spend far less time on the phone which allows me to go on the road and sell more!  Brandwise Vision helps us all earn more income!

    -Jackie Hoggan - Sales Manager, California Marketing Associates

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    For most suppliers and sales agencies, selling and creating orders is a lot harder than it needs to be. Join the revolution! Brandwise makes it easy, so you can sell more. You’ll love our electronic order submission, online and mobile catalogs, and sales reporting tools for managers and sales reps. All Brandwise solutions work together, so everyone in your organization gets the tools and information they need to make selling easier.

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    About Brandwise

    Brandwise is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that delivers sales solutions to suppliers and their sales organizations. We combine visual order capture capabilities with business intelligence to enhance communications between suppliers and their sales channels. The Brandwise studio integrates powerful and leading-edge tools that help Suppliers and Sales Reps sell more efficiently.
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